Student Senate

Become a Senator!

Senators are elected at the start of every semester, and it is a 4-6hrs/week PAID position!


The individual Senators shall represent their respective constituencies to Student Senate. Their responsibilities shall include attending all Student Senate meetings, reporting all Student Senate business as well as their own views and votes to their constituents, ascertaining and reporting to Student Senate the opinions of their constituents, initiating legislation within Student Senate, and serving on at least one committee (Constitution of the Grinnell College SGA, Article III, § 1A3).

Senators are elected each semester to represent their designated constituencies at Student Senate. Constituencies are divided into six dorm clusters and an off-campus college-owned and non-college owned housing cluster. Senators are students’ direct means of representation to Student Senate. Senators report Student Senate activities to their constituency and solicit constituents’ opinions and in turn represent those opinions at Student Senate. Senators are also responsible for writing, debating, and enacting SGA legislation, approving budgets and sitting on at least one committee.

For further description of duties, please refer to the SGA Constitution and By-Laws, available in the SGA Offices and here .


Any full-time student of Grinnell College shall be eligible for election to the office of Senator, provided that co plans to attend Grinnell College for the duration of the term of office and is not a Grinnell College Student Advisor, Hall Wellness Coordinator, or SGA Cabinet Officer. (Constitution of the Grinnell College SGA, Article III, §1A5a).

Traditionally, first-semester first-year students have not been allowed to run for Cluster Senator. In the Fall of 2021, the SGA Cabinet proposed a referendum that ultimately passed, officially allowing first-semester First Year students the opportunity to run for Senator and represent their cluster. 

“According to the Grinnell College Student Handbook, student employees who serve in positions of leadership or in a safety-related role on campus

must be in good conduct and academic standing (i.e. not on Conduct Probation) to be eligible for those positions. A student who is on Conduct Probation at the time of application for a leadership or safety-related role, or who is placed on Conduct Probation at any time the student holds a leadership or safety-related role, does not hold good conduct status. Leadership positions include but are not limited to any role in Student Government Association (SGA), student senators, Student Athlete Mentors (SAMs), etc. Safety-related campus roles include but are not limited to: Community Advisers (CAs) and Community Adviser Mentors (CAMs), All-Campus Events Student Safety (ACESS), Judicial Council (JudCo), and any student employees hired by Campus Safety (i.e. escorts, building monitors, parking monitors, etc.). Grinnell College Student Advocates must be in good conduct standing. If a student in a leadership or safety-related role is placed on Conduct Probation after they are elected, appointed, placed, or hired, the student is responsible for resigning from their position, and the Dean of Students (or designee) will ensure the student’s supervisor is informed of this policy. Medical Amnesty would still apply for these critical positions in helping roles. “