Notes from the President

President’s Report

October 8, 2014

It’s on Us

Senator Lee and I have continued our work on maintaining discussions around sexual respect and ending sexual violence on campus. This will likely take a two pronged approach – one that focuses on outreach / education campaign and establishing workshops for victim survivors to discuss their experiences (hopefully) in partnership with counselors from DVASAC. We will certainly be enlisting the help of senators so if you already know that you’re interested in a Grinnell version of the Its on Us video that we will be working on, let us know!

First 25 Days

During retreat, cabinet established our first 25-day agenda which was an effort for us to accomplish some of our major organizational goals during the first quarter of the year. Our major objectives were below:

  • Create a permanent, poster of office hours and committee times
  • Revamp first Campus Council session
  • Online technology session
  • ACE security + cabinet meeting
  • Create bi-weekly SGA newsletter
  • JROC meeting
  • Film + ACE transition
  • Office Cleanout / decorating
  • SGA Open House
  • Find new DSA liaison
  • Treasurers + Committee Heads discussion
  • Implementing review
  • Create monthly calendar
  • Process for better follow through for student initiatives

I am happy to report that as of Monday October 6, we achieved all of those goals. If you have any questions about the results from any particular point, please let me know!

Trustee Session

The Board of Trustees meeting officially begins on Thursday. Following the Board vote on ARH / Carnegie, we do not anticipate any new or major initiatives coming forth but our ears will be open. We will be welcoming 3 new trustees Amb. George Moose ’66 ,Connie Wimer, Tobi Klein Marcus ’87, Susan Henken-Thielen ’80.

There will also be a student / trustee career session tomorrow October 9 from 8 – 10pm. The Trustees are very nice and interesting people so this is a great place to come chop it up with Grinnellians who have made it. This is really not where you ask for a job but they can offer tons of great advice.

President’s Report

September 21, 2014

Following a very busy yet productive beginning of the school year, I have continued to work on some of the following topics:

Campus Council Reform

  • After our revised campus council, I look forward to hearing what your thoughts / opinions are about the ways in which we can continue to improve campus council. This includes working with Peter Aldrich, Peter Bautz and the Reform Committee to improve Campus Council

            Sexual Assault / Title IX

  • Had the first meeting on the Title IX Task Force and we identified four subcommittees (Communications, Survey and Assessment, Response and Protocol, Bystander and T9) which will guide the work that we do throughout the rest of the semester
  • I will be serving on Survey and Assessment subcommittee where we hope to find the best ways to conduct a sexual climate survey
  • My ultimate goal is that we can assess our current practices to see what works in terms of preventing sexual assault and what programs most effectively create an atmosphere of sexual respect
  • Senator Lee and I met last Sunday to begin discussing how we hope to maintain the conversation around sexual respect. While the particulars are still TBD, we are looking to have a 2 pronged approach: one that emphasizes victim/survivor support and the other that emphasizes prevention
  • Last Friday, the White House launched the ‘It’s on Us’ campaign to end sexual violence on college campuses. I will be meeting with Justin Thaxton and Jeff Pedersen to see how we can mobilize our male athletes to be part of the change. If you have other suggestions about reaching into male populations on campus, please let me know.
    • I encourage you all to spend some time on the website yourselves and take the pledge.
    • FACT: Only 6% of males are responsible for all sexual assaults on college campuses.
      • I encourage the other 94% to stand up


  • 10/10 falls during Trustee weekend this year. Just be aware of that and please continue to encourage your constituents to drink safely!
  • FYI: We’ve had 6 hospitalizations thus far (including NSO)
  • SHACS is functional and they are ready and available to see students
  • GrinnellShare – Grinnell’s intranet will be rolled out shortly and provide an opportunity to centralize our internal communications. Will NOT replace Blackboard but will move some of the more relevant resources/links onto the intranet. Questions? Let us know!
  • Next report, I will update you all on our progress over our First 25 days (think first 100 days for a new administration)