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SGA Cabinet Applications 2018-2019

Hey Grinnellians!

Are you interested in applying to be a member of the SGA Cabinet? Many of Grinnell’s student organizations and services utilize SGA’s help and support. Cabinet members are necessary for all SGA operations, which includes programming, events, concerts, Campus Council, representing the Grinnell College student body, and more!

Below you will find a brief overview of general cabinet expectations and links to applications for each position.

General Cabinet Expectations

These points currently apply to all cabinet positions, but are subject to change

  • Working an average of 20 hours a week for $9.50/hour
  • Attending lunch meetings on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays (12-1pm)
  • Attending Campus Council on Wednesdays (7:30-…pm)
  • Returning to campus early for goal setting, planning, meetings with administrators and staff, and programming for new students (tentatively August 16th)

See the applications below for overviews of specific Cabinet positions. Please check out the SGA Constitution and reach out to the current SGA Cabinet to learn more about these roles and SGA as a whole.

Cabinet Applications

If you are only available for one semester, this will not affect your standing in the selection process.

Eligibility: Any full-time student of Grinnell College shall be eligible for any SGA Cabinet office, provided that co is at least a first semester sophomore at the time of assuming office, is planning to be in attendance on the Grinnell College campus for the duration of the term of office, and will not concurrently be a Campus Council Senator or a member of Grinnell College Student Staff (community advisor). While experience in SGA can be helpful, it’s absolutely not required.

Applications are due on Wednesday, March 7th, by 11:59 PM. We are aiming to conduct interviews for selected students on Friday, March 9th – Monday, March 12th.

If you are an individual with a disability and need accommodations, please contact President-Elect Myles Becker [beckermy] or Diversity and Outreach Coordinator Hannah Boggess [doc].

All the best,

Myles Becker, President-Elect

Kadiata Toumbou, Vice President-Elect of Student Affairs

Riley Murphy, Vice President-Elect of Academic Affairs

Waez Sheikh, Assistant Treasurer

First Campus Council of 2018

Come to Harris Concert Hall at 8pm this Wednesday, February 7th for the first Campus Council of the year! We’ll be approving some budgets, reviewing a potential constitutional amendment, and getting to know all the newly elected faces. Should be a good time!

Sex Week

This week SGA is co-sponsoring Sex Week. Take a look at the events going on and be sure to stop by! Please feel free to email [doc] with any accessibility concerns or questions.
TUESDAY (2/6):
  • 9AM-2PM FREE STI testing & ice cream with SHACS & SGA, JRC 2 lobby
  • 8-10PM The Chemistry of Safer Sex with SHIC & Chem SEPC, JRC lobby
  • 5-7PM Birth Control Options & Info with SHIC, JRC lobby
  • 7-8:30PM Safer & More Pleasurable Sex with the SRC, Bob’s
  • 9-10:30PM Pub Quiz with SGA, Bob’s
  • 6-8PM Cross-Cultural Consent with SHIC, ISO, & Monsoon, Loose Lounge
  • 8-9PM How to NOT Have Sex with Isabel Cooke ’16, JRC 225
FRIDAY (2/9):
  • 9-11PM Alcohol & Consent with SHIC & PEP, Main Lounge
  • 11PM-1AM Foreplay Gardner with SHIC, Gardner Lounge

Spring 2018 Executive Elections

Hello Grinnellians,

The time has come to elect next years’ Student Government Association President and Vice Presidents.

The current SGA executives will be hosting collective office hours on Thursday, February 8th (and every Thursday for the rest of the semester) from 7:30-8:30PM in the Grill. Please feel free to reach out them (Summer White @sgaprez, Kahlil Epps @vpsa, Misha Gelnarova @vpaa1) if you have any questions about the positions.

To run for SGA President, sign up with this form -> apply for SGA Prez

To run for SGA Vice President of Student Affairs, sign up with this form -> apply for SGA VPSA

To run for SGA Vice President of Academic Affairs, sign up with this form -> apply for SGA VPAA

Applications for SGA President and Vice Presidencies are due Saturday, February 10th at 11:59 pm. The campaign period will start Sunday, February 15th at 3:00PM and end on Thursday February 22nd 3:00 PM.

There will be a panel with all the candidates in JRC 101 on Thursday, February 22nd at 8:00pm and elections will begin at 8:00AM Monday, February 23rd and end 8:00AM Saturday February 24th.

If you have questions specific to the election process, you may email the Election Board Chair, Tim Brennhofer at [election]. Additionally, feel free to visit the SGA Administrative Coordinator Max Hill during his office hours from 3PM – 4PM in JRC 222D on Mondays, 10-11AM on Tuesdays, and 10-12AM on Thursdays. You can also email him directly at [sga1] with any questions about SGA executive roles, the application process, and the election process.

If you need any accommodations or have accessibility concerns with the application process, please email Diversity and Outreach Coordinator Hannah Boggess at [DOC] or [ELECTION].

Thank you,

Tim Brennhofer ’19
Election Board Chair

Spring 2018 Student Initiatives Results

Below are the results from the Student Initiative voting period held last week. The necessary approval percentage for an initiative is 66.67%, or two thirds of the voting students, while ignoring votes of “No Preference”.  With this in mind, you can see below that all the initiatives proposed this semester have been approved. Next week, the Student Initiatives Fund Committee [stifund] will reach out and meet with the individuals who proposed the initiatives, working with them to implement the changes our student body has approved. 

Approve Disapprove No Preference Approval Percentage
Divest from Fossil Fuels 540 144 169 78.95%
Fix the Shrieking Chairs Above the Grill 554 50 249 91.72%
Hand Dryers in Residence Halls 582 168 103 77.60%
Happy Lamps in Residence Hall Lounges 535 102 216 83.99%
Laundry Alerts and Availability 626 97 130 86.58%
Protein Powder in the Dining Hall 422 176 255 70.57%
Mint Tea in the Dining Hall 556 71 226 88.68%
Non-Caffeinated Herbal Teas in the Libraries 580 59 214 90.77%
Occupied/Free Plaques for the 15 Bucksbaum Practice Rooms 653 27 173 96.03%
Optional Gender Pronouns on DB 643 43 167 93.73%
Student Murals on the Walls of Campus Building Basements 601 77 175 88.64%
Toasters and Kettles in Residence Hall Kitchens 606 110 137 84.64%
Update Dorm Televisions 513 143 197 78.20%
Water Filters in Residence Halls 726 41 86 94.65%

Again, thank you all for your participation, and keep your eyes open for information regarding the upcoming SGA Executives Election.


Tim Brennhofer ’19
Election Board Chair

Spring 2018 Student Initiatives

Stifund voting is still open! Initiatives include:

  • Divest from Fossil Fuels
  • Fix the Shrieking Chairs Above the Grill
  • Hand Dryers in Residence Halls
  • Happy Lamps in Residence Hall Lounges
  • Laundry Alerts and Availability
  • Protein Powder in the Dining Hall
  • Mint Tea in the Dining Hall
  • Non-Caffeinated Herbal Teas in the Libraries
  • Occupied/Free Plaques for the 15 Bucksbaum Practice Rooms
  • Optional Gender Pronouns on DB
  • Student Murals on the Walls of Campus Building Basements
  • Toasters and Kettles in Residence Hall Kitchens
  • Update Dorm Televisions
  • Water Filters in Residence Halls

You can find the link here and support the the initiatives you want to see pass.

Spring 2018 Senator Elections

Spring 2018 elections have concluded! Here are the senators and their respective constituencies:

– Jonah Zimmerman ’18
– Myles Becker ’19
– Quinn Ercolani ’20

– Allie Pearce ’20
– Jonathan Rebelsky ’20

– Evan Feldberg-Bannatyne ’20
– Ishaan Tiberwal ’21

– Cinthia Romo ’21
– Erica Satchell ’21
– Angela Frimpong ’20

– Regina Logan ’20
– Arish Albert Vale ’21
– Elizabeth Collinger ’21

– Mithila Iyer ’19
– Mary Davega ’21
– Lucy Nelson ’20

– Amanda Weber ’21
– Mahira Faran ’20

A more in-depth breakdown of the election results can be found here.

Good Vibes Week

May 1, 2017

Hi friends!

As per usual, this week is Good Vibes Week! Take a look at the schedule below for fun events and opportunities going on this week that you might be interested in!

We know this time of year is super stressful, so we encourage you to take breaks, go to some of the fun outdoor events this week, get some cotton candy, and practice good self-care!


Toby Baratta ‘17

[Schedule PDF]

American Anti-Corruption Resolution

April 26, 2017

The following resolution passed at Campus Council.


Whereas, we recognize that the government of the United States of America is supposed to be made of the people, for the people, and by the people;

Whereas, we recall it is our duty as citizens of the world, residents of the United States, and Grinnellians, to partake in democracy, make elected officials accountable for their actions, and uphold our values;

Whereas, we regretfully acknowledge that current legislation does not prohibit political bribery or conflicts of interest of officials;

Whereas, we regretfully acknowledge that current legislation does not in any way require full transparency or the electronic disclosure of circulated capital of officials;

Whereas, we regretfully acknowledge that current legislation regarding our election system falls short of providing citizens with a fair chance to be represented by the candidate of their choice;

Whereas, we regretfully acknowledge that current legislation does not include measures that would enforce laws limiting corruption;

Resolved, by the Grinnell College Student Government Association to endorse the policies reflected in the November ninth 2016 addition of the American Anti-Corruption act as laid out below;


Resolved, by the Grinnell College Student Government Association to support the banning of all contributions made from lobbyists to members of Congress and candidates for federal office in connection to an election for any federal office;

Resolved, by the Grinnell College Student Government Association to support “closing the revolving door” by enacting an extension of the revolving door limitations to five years for Members of Congress and congressional staff, and prohibiting Members of Congress and senior congressional staff from negotiating or having any arrangement concerning prospective private employment while serving as a Member of Congress or senior congressional staff;

Resolved, by the Grinnell College Student Government Association to support prohibiting Members of Congress from fundraising during congressional working hours;

Resolved, by the Grinnell College Student Government Association to support the casting of light on spending in elections, requiring automatic disclosure of political fundraising and expenditures over $200, and the disclosure of the identity of any individual who is known to an official or candidate to handle contributions to their campaigns or PACs;

Resolved, by the Grinnell College Student Government Association to support the end of partisan gerrymandering by transferring all redistricting authority over to an independent, fully transparent commission that must follow strict guidelines to ensure accurate representation for all voters, regardless of presumed political party affiliations;

Resolved, by the Grinnell College Student Government Association to support the enactment of ranked choice voting in all elections, and the form where all candidates running for the same office compete in a single open primary;

Resolved, by the Grinnell College Student Government Association to support the allowance of PACs that only accept donations no larger than $100 to make contributions to candidates ten times larger than the current limit on traditional PACs;

Resolved, by the Grinnell College Student Government Association to support the notion that an expenditure made by a Super PAC is treated as a contribution to the candidate;

Resolved, by the Grinnell College Student Government Association to support the measure that paid lobbyists are identified–defining lobbyists as those lobbying contacts, providing strategic advice to lobbying efforts, directing or supervising the provision of strategic advice to lobbying efforts, and those who spend 12 hours or more engaging in lobbying activities;

Resolved, by the Grinnell College Student Government Association to support the repeal of the Internal Revenue Code reporting option for lobbying expenses, and the enactment of electronic disclosure of those contacted by lobbyists, all entities engaged in lobbying activities, along with a description of such lobbying activities, and the identity of all engaged in lobbying activities;

Resolved, by the Grinnell College Student Government Association to support the replacement of the Federal Election Commission with a new five-member Federal Election Administration empowered to find that violations, directly impose civil penalties, support public corruption prosecution, and use impartial administrative law judges to hear and decide campaign finance enforcement proceedings;

Resolved, by the Grinnell College Student Government Association to support the barring of any person or entity failing to come into full compliance with the requirements of this Act within one year after being identified as noncompliant from engaging in any activities that would require the person or entity to be a registrant or a lobbyist for a period of two years.

Resolved, by the Grinnell College Student Government Association to declare our values as reflected in the November ninth 2016 addition of the American Anti-Corruption as a community to visiting politicians and political candidates alike and inquire, on the record, if they share the same views.

Survey Results

April 12, 2017

Hello all,

The surveys are in regarding Block Party, 100 Days, and ACESS! See the survey results linked in word and powerpoint form linked above.




April 12, 2017

Hello Grinnellians!

Services is very excited to let you know we will be hosting our next blood drive on Monday April 17th at 11 am to 5pm in JRC 101.

We need your blood donation today! Each and every donation counts! Give Blood, Save Lives! New donors are eligible for a t-shirt.

Schedule an appointment today by signing up for a slot online:

Also, walk-ins are welcomed. Here is the donor eligibility form. Please let me know if you have any questions. If you’re unsure whether you can donate, please come by anyway. The medics can let you know for sure.

See you there on Monday and don’t forget to tell your friends!



Ajuna S. Kyaruzi ‘17

Services Coordinator + Student Programming Chair

Pronouns: She/Her/Hers

Technical Advisor and Presiding Officer Applications

April 7, 2017

Are you technologically savvy?

Are you good at guiding conversations?

Are you looking for an opportunity to be a part of SGA and get paid for it?

Now is your chance to save some of the more technologically impaired individuals of Student Government Association Cabinet from their fears of everything technical as well as give our governing body of peers some direction. Applications for the Technical Advisor (TA) and Presiding Officer (PO) positions are open now.

The TA’s role is to aid the Student Government Association in their endeavors while being a liaison to ITS. In addition, you would be responsible for repairing and acquiring technological assets of SGA. The PO is essentially the captain of the ship, Campus Council. They must professionally and respectfully, navigate senators and cabinet members through the agenda at the weekly Campus Council meetings Wednesday at 8pm.

Applications will be found directly below this sentence:

TA: Technical Advisor Application

PO: Presiding Officer Application

Applications are due by Tuesday, April 11 by 5pm.

If you are an individual with a disability and need an accommodation, you may email [sga1] or the Diversity and Outreach Coordinator Toby Baratta [doc].

Good look,

Apply to be the 2017-2018 Green Fund Co-Chair!

April 8th, 2017

Hey Grinnell,

Are you interested in supporting sustainability on Campus? Apply to be the 2017-2018 SGA Green Fund Co-Chair! As Co-Chair, you will:

  • Organize and lead an committee consisting of passionate, ecologically minded students
  • Manage the Green Fund’s fall and spring semester budget (historically ranging between $20,000 and $34,000)
  • Create sustainable pilot projects for Grinnell’s campus
  • Advocate for the expansion of Grinnell sustainability beyond Green Fund projects
  • Build coalition between Grinnell’s many multifaceted green-groups

If you’re interested in applying, complete the application by April 14 at 11:59 P.M. The application can be found using this link: Green Fund Co-Chair Application 2017-2018. Interviews will be conducted the following week. Note that the application is for both fall and spring semesters. Joint applications for students who coordinate being abroad in the fall/spring will be considered (you may apply independently for either the fall or spring semester, if studying abroad).

No SGA experience is required for this position, and all current first-third year students are welcome to apply. Experience with budgeting is recommended, as is passion about the environment and overall college improvement. If you have any questions, please contact [greenfund].

*If you require accommodations to apply or have questions and/or considerations regarding disability resources please reach out to us at [greenfund], Autumn Wilke at [wilkeaut], or call (216)-973-6630.

Looking forward to your applications!

Zach Steckel ’18 and Andrew Zdechlik ’19

SGA Green Fund Co-Chairs

Grinnell College

Extended Deadline for the Academic Journal

April 3, 2017

Hello creative minds of Grinnell,

The Grinnell College Undergraduate Research Journal (GURJ) has extended the deadline for submissions! Anything that you have put your heart and soul into this academic year (from Spring 2016 through Spring 2017) should be recognized, and the GURJ would love to help you showcase your stellar writing and research skills.

Submissions will be accepted on a rolling basis, and the new deadline for GURJ submissions is Saturday, April 8th @ 11:59 PM. Email your submissions as Word documents to [vpaa1]. We realize that this deadline excludes the second half of the semester, but due to changes for next year’s journal which will encompass the calendar year rather than the academic year, papers written after spring break will be eligible for inclusion in next year’s journal.

Criteria for submissions are as follows:

  1. The submitted work was created for a course or researchthat occurred within the period of Spring 2016-Spring 2017. (MAPs or summer papers are welcome as long as they occurred Spring 2015 and onward.)
  2. Please list the course and professor as well as any prompts for the paper or relevant information about the course.
  3. All appropriate citations must be included.
  4. Please be creative in submissions–any style of written work is welcome.
  5. You do not need to be a declared major to submit. We encourage all class years to submit interesting and excellent work.
  6. Once you have emailed your document, you will be contacted about additional steps to complete the submission process.

We also would love to receive submissions of art that can be included throughout the journal, so please submit those also to [vpaa1] with context for the pieces.

We look forward to receiving your fantastic work!

Rachel Aaronson ’17, SGA Vice President of Academic Affairs, and the Grinnell Undergraduate Research Journal Editorial Board

Executive Results

March 2, 2017

Hello Grinnellians,

Thank you for participating in the SGA Executive Elections for the 2017-2018 school year. All grievances have been addressed. Below are the winners for each executive Position.

SGA President-Elect Summer White ’18

SGA Vice President of Student Affairs-Elect Kahlil Epps ’18

SGA Vice President of Academic Affairs-Elect Misha Gelnarova ’18

Congratulations to our incoming SGA Executives! Again we would like to thank all candidates for participating in this election. Regardless of the results, we wish you all the best as you continue to be active members of the Grinnell College community. We would also like to thank all students as well as the election process cannot exist without the votes of the students!


Jong Hoon Bae ’18

Election Board Chair


President Voter Breakdown | VPSA Voter Breakdown | VPAA Voter Breakdown

Executive Elections & Student Initiatives – Voting!

February 27, 2017

Hello Grinnellians!

At 8:00am today, the 2017 spring Student Government Association executive and student initiative elections will open for all current students. The ballots will be open from 8:00am Monday, February 27th until 8:00am Wednesday, March 1st with a 24-hour grievance period following the executive elections until 8:00am Thursday, March 2nd.

In accordance with SGA’s Constitutional amendment on elections, voting will occur in a single round of preferential voting. Students may only vote once, for each student initiative and each executive candidate. Voting more than once will result in cancelled votes.

We ask that you rank each applicant on the ballot in order of your preference and you may include write-ins as you see fit. You may vote ‘no-confidence’, but after doing so, you may not indicate any other preferences.

Statements containing each executive candidate and student initiative platform are linked at the beginning of voting for each election. Please refer to them as you submit your votes.

If you need any accommodations or have accessibility concerns with the voting process, email Diversity and Outreach Coordinator Toby Baratta at [DOC] and Election Board Chair Jong Hoon Bae [ELECTION] immediately as our priority is getting everyone to be able to vote in the election.

Please find the links for each election below:

2017 Spring Student Initiatives

2017 Spring Executive Elections

Please reach out to Election Board Chair Jong Hoon Bae [ELECTION] or SGA’s Administrative Coordinator Michael Owusu [sga1] with any questions concerning the election.

Thank you!

Executive Elections

February 21, 2017

Dear Grinnellians,

The SGA Executive election voting period will start from 8:00am Monday, February 27th and end 8:00am Wednesday, March 1st. 

Before we elect our SGA Executives for next year, there will be a panel with all the candidates in JRC 101 on Thursday, February 23rd at 7:00pm. Since this panel will be a chance for you to hear from your candidates, we would love for any student to submit questions. 

To submit your question please go to this link –> Ask a Question!

Please don’t hesitate to submit questions and remember that you can ask anonymously as well. Also, you can vote up/down for any questions you like or dislike. We will receive questions till Thursday, February 23rd at 3:00pm.

Below are statements from all your candidates for SGA Executive positions and SGA election guidelines in the SGA Constitution and additional guidelines decided by the members of Election Board. If you happen to know of a violation to these guidelines, please email [ELECTION] or [SGA1]. We will receive grievances till 8:00am Thursday, March 2nd when the grievance period ends.

If you hve questions specific to the election process, you may email the Election Board Chair, Jong Hoon Bae, at [election]. Additionally, feel free to visit the SGA Administrative Coordinator, Michael Owusu, during his office hours from 2pm – 4pm in JRC 222D on Tuesdays and Thursdays or email him directly at [sga1] with any questions about SGA executive roles, the application process, and the election process.

If you need any accommodations or have accessibility concerns with the application process, please feel free to email Diversity and Outreach Coordinator Toby Baratta [DOC] or [ELECTION].

Thank you,

Jong Hoon Bae ‘18

Election Board Chair

Executive Election Statements | Guidelines Additional Guidelines

Student Initiatives

Hello Grinnellians,

Do you have ideas on how to improve campus life (socially or academically)? Then please consider submitting a student initiative!

Student initiatives are a means in which the student body can express its collective opinion about campus, state, national, or international issues. In the past, student initiatives have included adding chicken to the salad bar, a campus therapy dog, the swing set near Younker Courtyard, meals-to-go on the weekends, student artwork throughout campus, and the lending library!

Please note that all student initiatives will need to be voted on by 50% of the student body and will require 2/3rds approval to be passed.

Feel free to read more about the details regarding SGA’s student initiative fund within our SGA Constitution.

This year, applications and signatures in support of student initiatives will be due Wednesday, February 22nd at 5PM to the SGA Offices (JRC 222) and voting will begin 8:00AM Monday, February 27th and end 8:00AM Wednesday, March 1st alongside the SGA Executive Elections.

If you plan to submit a student initiative, please plan on meeting with our Stifund chair to review your initiative(s) before the election goes live Monday, February 22nd.

Please find the application and signature form below:

Student Initiative application

Form for signatures

If you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to reach out to our Student Initiatives Fund Chair Eliana Schechter at [stifund].

Thank you!
Student Government Association

Senator Election Results

February 6, 2017

Hello Grinnellians,

Thank you for participating in the 2017 SGA Spring Senator Elections. The grievance period has concluded and the results are final! Below are the winners for each cluster:

CaNaDa (Cowles, Dibble, Norris): Three Seats
Zala Tomasic ’18, Angela Adom Frimpong ’20, and Schweitzer ’20

Clangrala (Langan, Rawson, Gates, Clark): Two Seats
Charlotte Love ’19 and Graham Dodd ’18

Smounker (Younker, Smith): Two Seats
Anaan Ramay ’20 and Pranjal Drall ’20

Loosehead (Loose, Haines, Read): Three Seats
Jenkin Benson ’17, Riley Murphy ’19, and Dylan Welch ’19

Jamaland (James, Main, Cleveland): Two Seats
Phillip An ’19 and Dylan Bremner ’20

LaKerRoJe (Lazier, Kershaw, Rose, Rathje): Three Seats
Ruth Brindel ’19, Waez Sheikh ’19, and Pete Zelles ’20

OCCO/OCNCO (Off-Campus College Owned & Non-College Owned): Three Seats
Richard Li ’17, Lauren Toppeta ’17, and Takshil Sachdev ’19

This is a more detailed report of the senator election results.

Again we would like to thank all candidates for participating in this election. Regardless of the results, we wish you all the best as you continue to be active members of the Grinnell College community. We would also like to thank all students who voted in this election. Lastly, be sure to reach out to your newly elected student representatives about anything you want to bring to the attention of SGA and as general resources.


Jong Hoon Bae ’18
Election Board Chair

Interim Allocation Committee

February 4, 2017

Interim Allocation Committee has ended for Fall 2017. Campus Council will comment on February 8th with the newly elected senators. The IAC has spent a lot of its overall budget. The IAC full reports can be seen on the Interim Allocation Committee page.

Support for Students from SGA

January 30, 2017

Hi all,

As we come off the weekend where the government closed its borders to refugees, immigrants, and documented residents from around the world based on their country of origin, we wanted to reach out and offer support. You or a close friend may be impacted and we wanted to let you know that we support you, and that you belong at Grinnell.  We know that this may be a hard time for some Grinnellians – both on campus and off campus – and want to reach out. You are not alone in this. Alumni, current students, faculty, and staff support you. We will not let this kind of hate and prejudice stand and impact our education. We, as SGA, condemn the recent immigration changes and want to work as much as possible both within Grinnell and nationally to ensure that all students are welcome here.

Please let us know if you need anything at this time. We’re working on concrete action plans and will keep you in the loop as always. All Grinnell folk are Grinnellians, regardless of religion, place of origin, or other identity markers.

Be well and please remember to take care of yourself and those around you as best as possible. <3.


Student Government Association
Here are some on campus resources – please use them! OISA, OICA, and SHACS are there to support students affected. There are also groups already in Iowa mobilizing legal power on behalf of individuals affected off campus. For those resources, feel free to email us (or if you have any other resources, that’s cool too- we can compile and add to our website).

Senator Elections

January 23, 2017

Hello Grinnellians,

Welcome to campus! The time has come to elect this semester’s Student Government Association Senators to serve on Campus Council. Campus Council is the weekly meeting of SGA representatives where campus issues and topics are discussed. We encourage all engaged and proactive students who meet the eligibility requirements to run, but we invite all students to join us at Campus Council any Wednesday evening beginning on February 8th at 8PM to voice your opinions.

Senators represent their clusters and work with other Senators across campus to approve SGA budgets, act as a student voice, and work on a project throughout their term. Please look over the Senator job description as well as the election rules attached to this email and note that first semester first year students and members of student staff are ineligible to serve as Senator.

If you need any accommodations or have accessibility concerns with the election process, please feel free to email Diversity and Outreach Coordinator Toby Baratta [DOC] or [ELECTION].

To apply sign up for elections with this google form -> apply for senator

Senator applications are due Sunday, January 29th at 11:59 pm. You may begin campaigning after this deadline.

If you have any questions concerning the role of an SGA Senator or the election process, please email [sga1] or reach out to Election Board Chair, Jong Hoon Bae at [ELECTION]. You can also visit the SGA Administrative Coordinator, Michael Owusu, during his office hours from 2pm – 4pm in JRC 222D on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Thank you,

Jong Hoon Bae ‘18

Election Board Chair

White Privilege Conference

January 23, 2017

The office of Intercultural Affairs is currently taking applications for students to attend the White Privilege Conference in Kansas City, MO April 27-30.

Applications are due on Friday, February 3rd at noon.

People of all identities are welcome and encouraged to attend the White Privilege Conference. For more information, please check out the White Privilege Conference website:

Currently, there is only space for 13 students so we need to review applications to determine attendees. Intercultural Affairs, Residence Life, and Disability Resources staff will review applications as staff from these offices will be attending and supporting students who attend the conference. Once funding is determined, they will notify applicants of decisions as soon as possible. Decisions will be determined based on your responses to the following prompts:

  • The WPC is welcome to people of varying levels of experience addressing issues of inequality. How would you describe your experience with understanding and addressing these issues?
  • What are you looking to gain by attending the WPC?
  • How do you intend to utilize the knowledge, deepened understanding, and skills you might gain as a result of attending the WPC?

Completing the form does not require you to attend the conference; however, there will be a contract you will be asked to sign once Intercultural Affairs, Residence Life, and Disability Resources staff notify you of approval to attend the conference. Signing the contract will reserve your spot for the conference.

If you are interested in applying to attend the White Privilege Conference, please complete the form here:

Looking forward to April!

-The Intercultural Affairs Team

Green Fund Applications

January 23, 2017

As you return to campus ready to start a new semester, SGA wants to inform you of a fantastic opportunity to help the environment and shape sustainability at Grinnell.

With a budget of over $30,000, the Green Fund Committee provides financial and strategic support for student-designed pilot projects focused on improving sustainability on campus. The committee meets on Thursdays from 12 to 1 PM in JRC 202 and will require regular work outside of the normal committee hour depending on ongoing projects . The committee acts as a think-tank for projects related to sustainability in addition to taking ideas that students submit throughout the semester. Examples of completed and ongoing projects include:

    • Replacing Burling CFLs with warm-LEDs.
    • Replacing JRC paper-towel dispensers with Dyson hand-driers.
    • Exploring the possibility of solar energy on campus.
    • Increasing campus composter presence.
    • Installing updated campus energy monitoring systems.

Joining the committee is a serious commitment and any potential members should have interests in student leadership and environmental stewardship. If you want to apply to be a voting member of the committee for the Spring semester, click here to apply for the Green Fund and submit your responses by January 27th, 11:59 PM.  All students are welcome to attend committee meetings and submit ideas for funding. If you’ve already spent a semester as a voting member of the committee and want to re-apply, simply send [greenfund] a 300 word statement explaining why you would like to continue serving as a voting committee member and detailing your goals for the upcoming semester. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us at [greenfund].

In any case, welcome back to Grinnell! Have a great semester.

Zach Steckel & Andrew Zdechlik

Green Fund Co-Chairs 2016-2017

State of the College

The State of the College was held on December 2, 2016. The slides from the State of the College show what we have done the semester, and give a short overview of what all members of the cabinet have worked on and will continue to work on.

2020 Class Ambassadors!

Please give a warm welcome to the 2020 Class Ambassadors,  Carson Peters ’20 and Carlos Piedrasanta ’20! They’ll be representing the 2020 class and planning all-class year events!

Mental Health & Social Networks Survey

Student Government Association encourages you to take the Mental Health & Support Networks Survey. This survey is the first of hopefully many to come with broader focuses across our campus and hopefully across many of the ACM colleges and universities. The current pilot work is focused primarily on depression, anxiety, and substance abuse. We recognize that these are not the only mental health related concerns or issues our student body experiences, but they do represent the most common generally. We hope that this work will set the stage for ongoing research related to a variety of mental health concerns and issues, not just those covered in this pilot.

This college-run survey is the first step in documenting our mental health issues and awareness on campus so that the college has quantitative data on how students are surviving or thriving on this campus. Your answers are collected and analyzed in aggregate and your participation is entirely voluntary and anonymous.
When the survey is completed the results will be released in aggregate as both a report and a talk. We will update you with the details of this release in another all campus email once the survey has concluded.

The survey link is in an email to your Grinnell Email from [doc] and again from [Wilcoxka]! The subjects was: “Mental Health & Support Networks Survey”. You’ll get another reminder email with the link again if you can’t find it. Please take the time to take the survey!

Election Resolution

At Campus Council on November 9th, we passed the Resolution to Reaffirm Support for Impacted Students, Staff, and Faculty on Grinnell’s Campus.

The language can be seen below in the block quote. Many lines contain citations that are found within the PDF versions attached at the bottom, as well as the .docx version.

Resolution to Reaffirm Support for Impacted Students, Staff, and Faculty on Grinnell’s Campus

Sponsors: Student Government Association

WHEREAS, we recognize that Grinnell College is home to students, faculty, and staff of diverse backgrounds.[1]

WHEREAS, the platform of the President-elect of the United States is wholly incompatible with the College’s stated mission of social justice.[2]

WHEREAS, we recognize that the College is home to many students, faculty, and staff who have been oppressed by social and economic biases.

WHEREAS, the President-elect’s rhetoric and policy marginalize, silence, and imperil the identities of these students.

WHEREAS, the President-elect has flagrantly repudiated the human rights enumerated by the Constitution and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.[3],[4],[5],[6]

WHEREAS, the President-elect has demonstrated open hostility to the freedoms of speech and press vital to academic and social discourse.[7]

WHEREAS, the President-elect has undermined democratic values by insinuating widespread electoral fraud without evidence or merit.[8]

WHEREAS, the President-elect has weaponized the justice system by threatening a political opponent with legal action contrary with expert findings and testimony.[9]

WHEREAS, the President-elect has encouraged the disqualification of justices and officials on the basis of their presumed race.[10]

WHEREAS, the President-elect has de-legitimized the political voices of ethnic minorities by calling for vigilante election security efforts in minority communities.[11]

WHEREAS, the President-elect has incited racial animus against Mexican immigrants and Mexican-American citizens by categorizing them broadly as drug dealers, killers, and rapists.[12]

WHEREAS, the President-elect has mocked and defined citizens by their disabilities, rather than their accomplishments.[13]

WHEREAS, the President-elect has refused to disavow anti-Semitic sentiment and engaged in anti-Semitic rhetoric.[14]

WHEREAS, the running mate of the President-elect has contributed to the erasure of LGBTQAI+ identity by promoting inhumane and abusive “conversion therapy.”[15]

WHEREAS, the President-elect has minimized the contribution of Muslim-Americans to our armed forces and refused to honor the sacrifices of their communities.[16]

WHEREAS, the President-elect has encouraged rhetoric to ban all Muslims from our country and encouraged a xenophobic atmosphere.[17]

WHEREAS, the President-elect has falsely categorized African-American culture as being mired in decay, amongst the inner cities and “hell.”[18],[19]

WHEREAS, the President-elect has not addressed the disenfranchisement of Native Americans or the current situation regarding the Dakota Access Pipeline which threatens the water-safety of Native lands of the Dakota people.[20]

WHEREAS, the President-elect has lied outright about President Obama’s election in an effort to delegitimize black and brown political power.[21]

WHEREAS, the President-elect has demonstrated a fundamental lack of respect for the sexual autonomy of women, and categorized violent and non-consensual rhetoric as harmless speech.[22]

WHEREAS, the President-elect has refused to honor the precedent for women’s bodily autonomy in issues of reproductive health and freedoms.[23]

WHEREAS, the President-elect has rejected the overwhelming scientific and humanitarian case for immediate action on climate change.[24],[25]

WHEREAS, the President-elect has threatened to revoke the tax-exempt status of private colleges across the United States and has specifically singled-out colleges such as Grinnell with large endowments, which directly threatens the longevity and financial stability of this institution.[26]

WHEREAS, we recognize students’ space to grieve and to take the time for self-care in this situation; to make the space to mourn and to be fearful; to take the time to rest before returning to the fight; and to react in one’s own individual way.

WHEREAS, the President-elect’s comments and behavior would be unacceptable for any job on the Grinnell College campus, let alone any government position.

WHEREAS, we respect all person’s right to vote for whom they choose, but must also respond to support the marginalized students, faculty, staff, and overall community, and recognize the current political climate’s impact on daily lives.

WHEREAS, we cannot theorize regarding systems of oppression without directly confronting the reality of the current national political climate and its effect on all American citizens and people residing in the United States.

RESOLVED by this Campus Council here assembled to strongly condemn the new President-elect of the United States’ behavior and to support our students at risk of violence and hate.

RESOLVED by this Campus Council here assembled to strongly encourage professors to make the space for students to partake in discussion or abstain and process however students’ choose – whether in the classroom or externally.

RESOLVED by this Campus Council here assembled to support all community members attacked by the vitriolic language and behavior welcomed into the new American political narrative.

RESOLVED by this Campus Council here assembled to notify the student body, President Kington, the Board of Trustees, and the Chief Diversity Officer of our intent to continue to protest, to rise and act as a socially progressive college, to contact representatives and to get involved in the political process when possible, and to go out of our way to acknowledge problems in the United States and on our campus to support people of all identities and backgrounds on this campus.

[1]Grinnell College Diversity Page

[2]Grinnell College Social Justice

[3]The New York Times Jimmy Carter Accuses Trump of Violating Basic Human Rights

[4]The Washington Post US Constitution Must Be Protected Against President Trump

[5]Universal Declaration of Human Rights

[6]United States Constitution

[7]A Donald Trump Presidency Presents A Grave Threat To The Press

[8]Trump threatens to jail Clinton if he wins election

[9]On Election Day, Trump still signaling he may not accept results

[10]Trump Says Judge’s Mexican Heritage Presents ‘Absolute Conflict’

[11]Donald Trump’s Call to Monitor Polls Raises Fears of Intimidation

[12]Washington Post Donald Trump’s False Comments Connecting Mexican Immigrants and Crime

[13]Donald Trump’s Worst Offense? Mocking Disabled Reporter, Poll Finds

[14]Anti-Semitism is no longer an undertone of Trump’s campaign. It’s the melody.

[15]Time Mike Pence Support of Conversion Therapy for LGBT+ Youth

[16]Donald Trump’s Confrontation With Muslim Soldier’s Parents Emerges as Unexpected Flash Point

[17]Donald Trump is expanding his Muslim ban, not rolling it back

[18]Washington Post Donald Trump Kicks Black Supporter Out, Calls Him “Thug”

[19]The Atlantic Trump Wrongly Conflates Black People and Inner Cities

[20]Trump victory a new challenge for Dakota pipeline protesters

[21]Donald Trump Clung to ‘Birther’ Lie for Years, and Still Isn’t Apologetic

[22]Donald Trump sexism tracker: Every offensive comment in one place

[23]Here’s where Trump stands on abortion and other women’s health issues

[24]Donald Trump’s Victory Could Mean Disaster for the Planet

[25]How President-Elect Trump Views Science

[26]Trump Targets Colleges With Large Endowments

PDF Resolution (Dyslexia Font) | PDF Resolution (Migraine Font) | DOCX Resolution | PDF Resolution (Calibri Font)

LED Lights!

The Green Fund Committee is proud to announce a project to replace the CFL lightbulbs in Burling with LED lightbulbs that’ll improve energy efficiency and make Burling more accessible to all students. In order to ensure that we are achieving this goal, we want feedback from the people who use the Burling study spaces, which means YOU.

This week on the first floor of Burling, if you find yourself studying at the west-side tables or at the cubbies in the eastern jungle gym, please take the time to fill out the feedback form we have left at these study spaces. We want to know how you like the new lightbulbs. When providing feedback, things you might consider include: if they give you a migraine, if they are too bright, if they put you to sleep, if you even notice a difference, etc.

Thanks all, have a wonderful week!


Women of Color Hair Care

We want to encourage you to please take this survey from OICA if you identify as a woman of color and are looking for hair care!

Occupy 8th : Black + Brown Bodies Take Space

Hello Grinnellians,
Please consider attending this weeks events revolving around the misuse and abuse of power; such as police brutality, and institutional forms of racism. Our community has stayed silent about these issues, so we have taken it upon ourselves to scrutinize the lack of response given to the maltreatment of black and brown bodies.  We call upon our people to wake up and remember our history of being marginalized and mistreated. Recognize, that by not having a space to talk or heal in our current community we are being silenced. Our bodies being at the center of this assemblage, is meant to bring intellectual consciousness to our peers, and to remind ourselves that we deserve a space for healing.

In our efforts to create this space for healing:  we will (1) extend the memory of those who aren’t alive through a vigil. We (2) put into perspective these issues that affect not only our national community but our global community through Campus Council discussion and a panel discussion.

Please join us on:

  • October 31st in front of the JRC at 5:30 for a Vigil, followed by our Rally
  • November 2nd for Campus Council Discussion in JRC 209 from 8pm-9:30pm
  • November 3rd for our Panel Discussion at JRC 101, 6:00-7:30pm, Dinner provided.

For any questions or concerns please email [batrezch17], [carletond17], and/or [garnierm].

Hello, Class of 2020!

Have you seen 2019ers walking around with their class shirts? How about a member of 2017 with their drawstring bags? Did you stop and talk to the 2018 ambassadors as they gathered information about job interests on campus?
Are you interested in hosting events to encourage your class to access resources at Grinnell or to promote class bonding? Passionate about encouraging your class to be engaged with their Grinnell experience?
Apply to be a Class Ambassador! There are two ambassadors selected per class every year who are charged with building class affinity and unity as well as educating their classmates about the four components of philanthropy: time, talent, treasure, and ties. Sponsored by the Student Government Association, the Student Alumni Council, and the Office of Development and Alumni Relations, these are paid positions with a programming budget of about $1,200 for the spring semester.

The Class of 2020 Class Ambassador application timeline is as follows:

  • Applications open at 8am on Friday, Nov. 4th
  • Applicationss close at 11:59pm on Friday, Nov. 11th
  • Interview offers go out Wednesday, Nov. 16th
  • Interviews will be conducted Thursday-Friday, Nov. 17-18.
  • Class Ambassador selections are announced the week of Nov. 21st.

For any questions, feel free to reach out to [czarnecki] or [sgaprez].

Let us know what substance-free programming you’re interested in!

Please let us know what substance free programming you’d like to see on campus by taking a quick one-question survey about things you’d like to see!

Apply to work with us!

All-Campus Events Student Safety is hiring. This is a great way to get experience and to keep parties safe on campus! Keep your friends safe and get paid for bystander action.

Check out the Events tab to check out current happenings on campus!

Have ideas for concerts?

Feel free to drop Concerts Chair Corey Simmonds any suggestions for musical acts to bring on campus by submitting a form here with your concert idea!

If you are interested in opening a musical act, send your name and a recording of your original music to [concerts].

Know your Senators!

Senators are elected each semester to represent their designated constituencies at Campus Council. Constituencies are divided into six dorm clusters and an off-campus college-owned and non-college owned housing cluster – Canada, Clangrala, Smounker, Loosehead, Jamaland, East Campus, and Off-Campus.

Check out your senators or learn more about what they do in our Constitution.