Poster Requirements

Poster Requirements

Your poster must:

  • Have the date, time, and location of the event.
  • Be funded, or supported through SGA.
  • Have an email to contact with questions or concerns about the content of the poster or the event.
  • Has a statement for accessibility – who to contact if a student needs an accommodation to participate in the event. If you do not feel comfortable putting your own email down for this, feel free to work with [doc].
  • Have the SGA logo (you can find this under “Resources” -> “Documents”).
  • Is appropriate for Grinnell College’s campus.

Why? These requirements make campus more accessible for all students. If your poster does not meet these requirements, the SGA posterer will not put up your poster – and FM is likely to tear them down if you put them up yourself.

The posterer posters on Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday. Please get your posters in 24 hours before if you want to ensure they get up on time. Posters must be printed by the group who wants them to go out, and submitted to the ‘posters’ box in SGA Offices (JRC 222).  Email [doc] for more information or concerns!