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ISO/Free/For Sale

Free & For Sale

Your one stop shop for all of Grinnell’s unwanted treasure (or trash).

Ride Boardt

Ask or offer rides to Iowa City or Des Moines around.

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Asian American Association

Black Cultural Center (Kimbo Black Cultural Center)

Burling Library

Center for Careers, Life, & Services

Center for Religion, Spirituality, and Social Justice

Grinnell College Libraries

Grinnell College Golf Course

The event space can seat up to 287 people, and caters to a large array of reunions, business meetings, and weddings. The golf course features tree-lined fairways, lush rough, and impeccable greens: “The quality of the greens are as good as any I’ve seen in the U.S. and beyond. And I’ve seen a lot of them working for the PGA.” ~ Joel Schuchmann, PGA Senior Director of Communications

Office of Intercultural Affairs

Lending Library

Rosenfield Program

Stonewall Resource Center





Chinese, Japanese, & East Asian Studies

Computer Science


* This page hasn’t been active since 2013, but still has current economics majors in it.


French & Arabic



Mathematics & Statistics


This is an open space for philosophically-minded Grinnellians to… share news about upcoming philosophy events/opportunities and to discuss their experiences with philosophy courses and professors. 


Political Science


Religious Studies — Group, Page



Theatre & Dance Department

Support Groups

Grinnell Disability, Chronic Illness, & Mental Health (secret)

This is a group for Grinnell students who self-identify as having a disability, a chronic illness, or a mental health condition. It is not a therapy group or a doctor’s office; it’s just a place for our community to connect and support each other. This group is not affiliated with the administration of Grinnell College, nor any existing student groups. We ask that members respect others’ privacy as much as possible, but encourage everyone to remember that Facebook is only so private.

We also recognize that the identities discussed here are not always something people feel comfortable publicly identifying with; so while this is a group intended specifically for students with disabilities, chronic illnesses, or mental health conditions, there will be no policing of who participates. We trust that if you are here, you have a reason to be.

Please contact Maddie O’Meara and Emily Howe with questions, comments, or concerns.

Grinnellian Gays Group (secret)

So…because I am a basic bish and I am in my senior year here at Grinnell with literally no fucks to give, I thought it would be a good idea to create a group for Gay, Lesbian, Bi, Trans, and Queer Grinnellians who would like to get to know each other more. This “getting to know each other,” can be platonic, romantic, intimate, or in whatever fashion and which way you guys would like. If you guys know anyone who would be interested in joining this group, let them know and/or invite them to it. Let the queer mingling commence! <3

Trashier Community Groups

Overheard Memes at Grinnell College

Post hilarious stuff overheard in the halls of this hallowed place. And post only the dankest memes for the spiciest teens.

Non-Humans of Grinnell

Are you tired of only hearing about cute dogs on campus but neve…r seeing them? Did that magnificent cat run away before you could snap its glamour shot? Have no fear; Non-Humans of Grinnell is here! Inspired by world-renowned Facebook groups such as Dogspotting and Catspotting, NHOG aims to provide a space where anyone can post pictures of their favorite non-human Grinnellian. No rules for posts have been established yet, but more information to be announced. Dogs, cats, bunnies, lizards, squirrels, etc are all welcome here. Even dog-shaped plants might make it in if morale is low. Happy Non-Human spotting!

Wholesome Memes