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Grinnell College’s Student Government Association is dedicated to the safety and wellness of all students. Student life at Grinnell is about more than life within classrooms, and as such members of the SGA are dedicated to creating the best student life experience possible. The SGA is here to serve you, both directly and through connecting you with resources on campus.

Academic Stress

Academic Advising is an incredible resource on campus available to all students. Their aim is to work with you on any academic concern. They organize occasional workshops regarding time management and academic stress, help connect peer tutors, and offer a wide range of other methods of support. To arrange an appointment, stop by their office (located on the third floor of the JRC), or call at (641) 269-3702.


Financial Literacy Workshop (recorded)

Link: Password: Xm6QmiJ3

Lending Library

The Lending Library is a service provided through the Center for Religious Life, Spirituality, and Social Justice for low-income students to receive books for the semester to use. Select high-need students have the opportunity to participate in the Textbook Lending Library. Eligibility is determined by the Office of Financial Aid. There is a form to gain access to the Lending Library.

Beyond the Classroom

Grinnell’s Center for Careers, Life, and Service (CLS) recognizes academic life does not solely consist of classes. The CLS offers assistance in creating a resume, preparing for internships, finding community service opportunities, and career planning. The Center is eager to work with all students to help meet individual needs. To find out more information and plan an appointment, stop by the office at 1127 Park Street, call at (641) 269-4940, or email the CLS at [career].


The main resource on campus catering to physical and mental wellness is the Student Health And Wellness Services (SHAW). SHAW provides physical and mental health services to support personal wellness and academic success. SHAW offers confidential counseling appointments, and will set up off-campus appointments and provide transportation if there are needs that the office cannot directly meet. To arrange an appointment, you can visit the office in the Lower Level of the Forum, call the office at (641) 269-3230, or establish a SHAW appointment here.

Ombuds Office

The Ombuds Office is a safe place to manage conflict and share your concerns to a confidential resource. Chinyere Ukabiala, Grinnell College’s official Ombudsperson, can be contacted via email at The Ombuds office is open Monday through Friday, 8 AM – 5 PM, and can be found on the third floor of the Joe Rosenfield Center.

An FAQ regarding the role of Ombuds can be found here.

Wellness Staff

Grinnell College has a Wellness Director, Jen Jacobsen, who works with the Grinnell College administration to assess student health and wellness and meets regularly with SGA Cabinet members to discuss improvement of student life. Another facet of her position is to make more students aware of general wellness tips to foster a healthier and more balanced student life. Other Grinnell staff members who cater to student life are the Residence Life Staff.

Center for Religious Life, Spirituality, and Social Justice

Whether you want to connect with on-campus, student-run religious and spiritual organizations, worship communities in town, or religious staff members for conversation or counseling, the Center for Religion, Spirituality, and Social Justice helps you engage with Grinnell’s diverse spiritual community. Designed to foster interfaith dialogue and support many religious traditions, the center promotes local and global social justice through regular community meals, service opportunities, and other activities.


One of the most important applications of Self-Governance at Grinnell College is in reference to sexual respect. Students are held responsible for ensuring their and their classmates behavior remains respectful and consensual. When sex discrimination occurs, the violation becomes an administrational concern as it constitutes a violation of Title IX. Members of the SGA and Grinnell’s administration work to improve safety across campus in all regards, and a Title IX Working Group exists lead by Vice-President of Student Affairs, discussing methods of ensuring sexual respect among all Grinnellians. Resources for sexual misconduct for support or for more frequently asked questions about Grinnell’s Title IX process are found on the Grinnell main webpage.

Sexual Health Information Center (SHIC)

SHIC is a student-run organization that consists of a safer sex supplies store (condoms, dental dams, pregnancy tests, and toys) and a peer education program.  SHIC provides a safe place for students to ask questions, get referred to resources, and talk to trained sexual health peer educators. In addition, SHIC regularly holds sex positive-related campus events and programming. SHIC has their own website which has questions, resources, and hours.