Student Groups on Campus

Student Groups on Campus

International Student Organization (ISO)

Email: [iso]

Time&Location:  Meeting Times Undecided

Grinnell Survivors of Abuse & Trauma

Email: [gsat]

Contact: Lily Galloway ’17 & Jean Pharo ’17

Time&Location: Email for more information.

Queer Mental Health Group

Email: [qmhg]

Queer Mentorship Program

We make mentorship matches each year. Email us for more details.

Email: [qmp]

Contact: Hannah Stadler and Nolan Boggess

Starving Artists

Email: [starvingartists]

Contact Person: Ethan Evans

Time&Location: Saturday at 2PM in ARH 227

Book Club

Science Fiction Association

Oxfam America Club

Concerned Black Students

Food for Thought

Grinnell Match

Stonewall Resource Center

Grinnell Cypher Club

South Asian Student Organization

Minority Association of Premedical Students


Grintentional Community


The Neverland Players


KGY: Koreagraphy


Grinnell Space Exploration Agency


Rise Grinnell


Hospital Helpers


Asexual/Aromantic Spectrum Support Network


Tea and Coffee Organization (TaCO)


Asian American Association


Food House


Grinnellians Seeking Christ


Ballet Club


Grinnell Contra Dance Club


App Development