Student Groups on Campus

Student Groups on Campus

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Activity Focused Student Groups

Anything But Math (ABM)


Current Contact: Libby Farrell

Description: Anything but Math is a place to do math for fun or competitively. At our weekly meetings we work together on fun problems and learn concepts that are useful for solving a variety of math problems.

Keywords: math, math team, anything but math, fun, math competition, academic

Board to Death


Current Contact: Lauren Bloomfield

Description: Grinnell’s Board to Death Club is a student group devoted to playing recreational board games and card games. We currently focus on strategy and deduction games such as Settlers of Catan, Coup, and Codenames.

Keywords: Board Games

Book Club


Current Contact: Hannah Eom

Description: We’re a book club affiliated with the Reading Floor! We’re interested in a low-pressure reading environment, and would like to delve into works written by minorities. We also plan on setting up a small lending library.

Keywords: Books, Fiction, Reading, Minority Authors

Busy Beekeepers of Grinnell


Current Contact: Isabella Kugel

Description: We keep bees, at Grinnell.

Keywords: honey, honeybees, bees, beekeeping, hives, horticulture, insects, animal husbandry, community building, farm, apiary, agriculture, yellow, black, brown, wings, bugs, beeswax, bee honey, beekeepers, sustainability, green living, farmers market.

Cheese & Wine Club (CWC)


Current Contact: Eli Most

Description: Wine and Cheese Clubs aims to host regular campus events in order to further the diversity of social options available for members of the community.

Keywords: cheese, wine, club

Contra Dance Club


Current Contact: Sarah Trop

Description: Students interested in maintaining a semi-regular contra dance at Grinnell College.

Keywords: contra, dance, contra dance, dancing, music

Documentary Filmmaking


Current Contact: Fintan Mason

Description: We will be providing resources and support for documentary filmmaking.

Keywords: filmmaking, film, documentary,

Dungeons and Dragons Club

Email: d&

Current Contact: Dylan Bremner

Description: Friends who gather together to play Dungeons and Dragons. Currently running the 5th edition campaign Lost Mine of Phandelver.

Keywords: Dungeons and Dragons, roleplaying game, rpg, roleplay, d&d

Engineering Club


Current Contact: Sage Kaplan-Goland

Description: We are group dedicated to building cool stuff with cool people. We’ll teach the skills to work in an engineering environment (CAD, machining skills, programming, etc.) to anyone who wants to learn, and have fun doing it.

Keywords: Engineering, build, make, robot, hover, bike

Fermentation Society of Grinnell


Current Contact: Austin Schilling

Description: We are dedicated to the production of fermented goods including, but not limited to, beer, wine, kimchi, sauerkraut, vinegar, mead, kombucha, cider, yogurt, and cured meats. Fermented foods are not only delicious, they are healthy and quite fun to make.

Keywords: Fun, Science, Art, Production, Hobby,

Grill Club


Current Contact: Jeman Park

Description: Good Bites, Good Vibes, Good Times. Fridays after classes. We Grill. You Chill.

Keywords: grill, chill

Grinnell Aircraft Association (GAA)


Current Contact: Kohei Kotani

Description: We are a group of people who share the same interest in learning and building aircraft models. Anyone who is interested in the field of aerospace engineering is welcome.

Keywords: aircraft, airplane, aerospace, engineering, electronics

Grinnell Archery Club (GAC)


Current Contact: Steve Yang

Description: The Grinnell Archery Club is a student organization dedicated to learning about and practicing archery. Members will learn about safety, accuracy, and different skills associated with being a safe and competent archer, with ample time to practice all of these skills.

Keywords: Archery, Outdoors, GORP

Grinnell College Equestrian Club


Current Contact: Grace Bell

Description: The Equestrian Club provides students with affordable horseback riding lessons in both English and Western as well as opportunities to participate in the intermediate or advanced equestrian drill teams

Keywords: Horses, equestrian, riding, ride, equines

Grinnell College Goon Club (GCGC)


Current Contact: Warren Schweitzer

Description: We play the party game Mafia (also called “Werewolf”) together and have fun with it every Saturday at 1pm!

Keywords: game, fun, mafia, werewolf

Grinnell Film Society (GFS)


Current Contact: Ashley Gomez

Description: Grinnell Film Society is a group of students interested in film culture. GFS screens movies during weekend nights as an alternative to Grinnell’s party environment. All are invited to relax and watch films that showcase cinema from various genres and countries. Beyond simply watching movies, GFS provides a full cultural experience by planning activities prior to the screens and discussions following each viewing.

Keywords: Film, movie, cinema, culture, actors, genres

Grinnell Hiking Club


Current Contact: Sasha Kuzura

Description: We are a group of students who like to hike during college breaks.

Keywords: Hike, walk, run, boots, socks, feet, toes, blister, camp, tea, beans, love, air, stars, canter, jog, skip, climb, prance, keep on goin’, safety

Grinnell Interactive Motion Pictures (GIMP)


Current Contact: Mike Zou

Description: An interest-based activity club focussed on the producing different forms of motion pictures, including (but not limited to) Short film pre and post-production, Comics/Manga & Flip-book Animation. We would love to teach Grinnellians the crafts of motion pictures via interactive activities such as biweekly 3-Minute Short Sketches, collaborative production of frame by frame animations. After half a semester, we aim to divide our club into two branches, the cinematography group and anime group. In addition, we are considering to contribute to our campus by creating a YouTube channel, featuring Indie videos of 2 types: on the one hand, we’d love to make short News videos informing Grinnellians of what’s happening on campus (Events, talks and campus-wide issues); on the other hand, we encourage our members to make their own vlogs and short films to spread their life & adventures in Grinnell to the world (or the cyberspace at least). Hopefully, we may even work with the admissions office to release videos while benefiting our dear prospies!

Keywords: Film, Movie, Comics, Manga, Anime, Animation, Indie, Art

Grinnell Juggling and Trick Club


Current Contact: Sam Dahlke

Description: A club for enthusiasts to share, teach, and learn various unusual skills, including juggling, magic tricks, unicycling, balisong manipulation, poi, and clowning.

Keywords: juggling, tricks, magic

Grinnell Space Exploration Agency (GSEA)


Current Contact: Cory McCartan

Description: The Grinnell Space Exploration Agency is a group that is devoted to exploring space while giving students the chance to collaborate, learn, and have fun.

Keywords: Science, Technology, Space, Balloons, Electronics, Weather, Atmosphere, GPS

Grinnell Woodwork It Studio


Current Contact: Isabella Kugel

Description: We are a collaboration of students supporting creative woodworking and exploring local crafting experiences and engaging in maker spaces in our community. As a student group, we are interested in collaborating with local wood smiths and alumni craftspeople as well as making wood related resources such as tools/materials available to Grinnell students and staff. We will host workshops and seminars to make education and inclusion a priority.

Keywords: Artisan, Local, Woodcarving, Woodworking, Sculpture, Community, Art, Design, Wood, Trees, Tools, Hands-on, Power tools, Workshop, Wood Shop, Materials, Handicraft, Sanding, Carving, Tooling, Cutting, Craft, Crafting, Member, Grain, Education



Current Contact: Lukas Resch

Description: We are a group that meets once-weekly in a clothing-optional space to promote the desexualization of nudity and body positivity.

Keywords: Nudism, nudists, naturism, body image, body positivity

Hip-Hop Dance


Current Contact: Elvira Nurmukhamedova

Description: Learn how to dance Hip-Hop as well as other dance styles.

Keywords: Dance, Hip-Hop, Athletics

Philosophy Book Club


Current Contact: Max Pilcher

Description: Weekly meetings to discuss various philosophical texts. All are invited.

Keywords: Philosophy, books, meaning of life

Photography Club


Current Contact: Sarah Ruiz

Description: This club is for those who have an interest in photography, either digital or film. We will learn about various techniques and then use them to create fantastic photographs while having fun and meeting new people.

Keywords: art, photography

Science Fiction Association (SFA)


Current Contact: Linden Galloway

Description: This is a community of science fiction and fantasy lovers. Each Friday evening, we meet to enjoy TV marathons of shows like like Star Trek and Doctor Who. We provide snacks as well. This group also serves as a substance-free alternative to other weekend activities.

Keywords: science fiction, Doctor Who, Star Trek, substance free, scifi, Battlestar Galactica, Firefly, Orphan Black, In the Flesh

Super Smash Bros Club


Current Contact: Jack Gustafson

Description: The club will act as a community base for people who like to play Super Smash Bros at Grinnell. Spanning across multiple gaming platforms and playing levels, people can come play competitively or just for fun.

Keywords: Intramural, Video Games, Nintendo, Smash Bros, Super Smash Bros, Smash Club.

Tiny Dorm


Current Contact: James De Mott

Description: We’re a student group seeking to organize small ‘popup’ concerts in the same tradition as the great Bob Boilen.

Keywords: Music, concerts, shows, bands



Current Contact: Jen-Ai Notman

Description: [Weekend] is an organization that provides fun and engaging weekend events that offer campus and community alternatives to the standard party scene.

Keywords: sub-free, engaging, weekend

Service Focused Student Groups



Current Contact: Monica Knaack

Description: This organization works with the Mayflower Homes, a retirement community in Grinnell, just a few blocks from campus. We match up Grinnell College students with residents at the Mayflower, based on shared interests or activities.

Keywords: Mayflower, seniors, volunteer, service

Alternative Break (AltBreak)


Current Contact: Keira Wilson

Description: Alternative Break is a student-run organization that offers students the opportunity to travel as members of a fun and safe intentional community of service in order to develop new perspectives, enhance leadership skills, and participate in educational and hands-on community service during fall and spring breaks.

Keywords: Altbreak Spring Break, alternative break, service, community service

Blank Park Zoo Volunteers


Current Contact: Sunny Zhao

Description: Our group is dedicated to improving the welfare and the lives of exotic animals in captivity at the Blank Park Zoo in Des Moines. We aim to do this through “goal-oriented enrichment”, which is the process of providing stimulating objects and environments to the animals in order to bring about natural behaviors not necessarily used in captivity, like foraging, or to reduce detrimental behaviors like pacing. We travel one Saturday a month to the zoo and meet one Saturday a month here on campus as well to create the enrichment toys. Throughout the semester, we aim to create new and improved enrichment toys, improve current evaluation of enrichment at the zoo, and even educate zoo visitors (and maybe even Grinnell residents!) about enrichment and how it’s good for the animals!

Keywords: zoo, volunteer, animals, blank, park, enrichment, behavior

Community Meal


Current Contact:

Description: Grinnell Community Meal is served by volunteers and coordinated by Grinnell College students. The meal takes place every Tuesday (except during the month of August and the weeks of Christmas and New Years) at the Davis Elementary School on the corner of Broad and Hamilton. The meal FREE and open to the public. Some people come because they need the meal, others because they need the social setting and yet others come to meet people they may not normally get to know. There are many ways in which you may participate. Just ask!

Keywords: soup kitchen, free meal, food, sjag

Crecemos Unidos (CU)


Contact Person: Yesenia Ayala

Keywords: Latino, Latina, Education, Post-secondary education, Middle School, Mentors, Tama, success, Marshalltown

Food Recovery Network


Contact Person:

Description: FRN unites students at colleges and universities to fight food waste and hunger by recovering perishable food that would otherwise go to waste from their campuses and the surround communities and donating it to people in need. The Grinnell College Chapter of Food Recovery Network works with Dining Services, Mid-Iowa Community Action, First Presbyterian Church, and various local businesses to combat hunger in Grinnell by diverting recoverable foods from landfills to low-income families.

Keywords: Food, Recovery, Network, Waste, Fight, Feed, Low-income, Hunger, Gleaning, Chocolate, Sociology, Activism, Community Service, Sustainability, Awareness, Political Science, Environment, need

Free The Slaves (FTS)


Contact Person:

Description: Free the Slaves is an international anti-slavery organization dedicated to the prevention of human trafficking. Grinnell’s chapter of FTS strives to further this mission through education, on-campus awareness building, and community outreach. We aim to expose the realities of modern-day slavery and work alongside FTS leaders and partner organizations to help make change.

Keywords: Social Justice, Anti-trafficking, Education, Awareness, Community, Human Trafficking, Slavery, Human Rights

Grinnell Advocates


Contact Person:

Description: Confidential, campus-based support for survivors of sexual assault, misconduct and partner violence.

Keywords: sexual assault, domestic violence, partner violence, stalking, sexual harassment, unwanted touching, abuse

Grinnell College Pre-Med Experience Club (GCPEC)


Contact Person: Judith Fan

Description: We are a student-run club that focuses on community outreach and volunteer through wellness initiatives, and provide clinical opportunities and experiences to students on campus.

Keywords: Volunteer, shadow, experience, health, wellness, medicine, pre-med, community

Grinnell Middle School Art Club (GMSAC)


Contact Person: Ellen Schneider

Description: We are a group that goes to Grinnell Middle School every Friday afternoon to provide a safe, nurturing environment for middle school students to express themselves creatively through projects in differing visual art media.

Keywords: Art, school, education, community, youth, kids

Grinnell Students Against Sweatshops (GSAS)


Contact Person: Lucid Thomas

Description: Grinnell Students Against Sweatshops (GSAS) is a chapter of a much larger organization called United Students Against Sweatshops (USAS). USAS runs national and international campaigns supporting workers rights. GSAS works in solidarity with workers by using the buying power of the school to gain leverage on certain issues. GSAS will also focus on local issues as well assisting with national and international campaigns.

Keywords: sweatshops, USAS, solidarity, workers rights, labor, social justice, organizing

Grinnellians United


Contact Person: Mariyah F Jahangiri

Description: Mission Statement: To bring together students and members of our community in creating active change, responsible action, and bridge-building as a form of resistance. To integrate different organizations operating in the college and community to be more productive and intersectional. To act and speak out against hateful and untrue rhetoric which seeks to divide us based on our identities. To remind others that there is no tolerance for racism, ableism, classism, xenophobia, homophobia, transphobia, Islamophobia and other means of violence in our community. To encourage education and productive discourse.

Keywords:  Political, Activist, Grinnell, United, Grinnellians United, Grinnellians, Peace, Trump, Democrat, Community, Politics, Alliance, Intersectionality,

Hospice Volunteering (HCV)

Email: Unknown?

Contact Person: Alejandra Rodriguez

Description: This program is the result of a partnership between Grinnell College and Iowa River Hospice to generate a Hospice Volunteer Program available to students. here the students volunteer in: respite care, patient companionship during acute interventions, and patient companionship during residential care at Iowa River Hospice. Additionally, the group joined Association for Death Education and Counseling (ADEC) as a Student Member to provide more resources in end of life care for my volunteer group.

Keywords: Hospice, volunteering, community outreach

Hospital Helpers

Email: Chae Kyung Jeon

Contact Person:

Description: Hospital Helpers is a group organized to volunteer at the local hospital, Grinnell Regional Medical Center. There will be a orientation once a semester for new volunteers.

Keywords: Health, Volunteer



Contact Person: Rae Kuhlman, Rita Clark

Description: Grinnell IOWATER Mission: To improve water quality and conservation awareness in the Grinnell area and develop a sustainable network of skill sets, knowledge, and passion for the importance of our water resources.

Keywords: Environment, Water, Community Service

Kid’s Music


Contact Person: Sophie Paek

Description: We are a group of students who expose children to musical instruments and music appreciation through experimentation and ensemble work.

Keywords:  kids, children, music, schools, violin, cello, trumpet, flute, clarinet, piano

Liberty in North Korea @ Grinnell (LiNK)


Contact Person: Kai Gui

Description: LiNK @ Grinnell hopes to bring awareness to the issues North Korean refugees face. Money raised by LiNK assists towards the costs of rescue and resettlement of North Koreans living in China.

Keywords:  North Korea, North, Korea, kimbap, gimbap, food, fundraising, refugee, refugees, rescue, resettlement, liberty, change

Lunchtime Language Learners


Contact Person: John Gallagher

Description: Spark Tank 2015 Implementation Project at Davis Elementary–Spanish Teaching

Keywords: Education,Spanish