Student Groups on Campus

Student Groups on Campus

Table of Contents

  • Academic/Career/Intellectual
  • Arts/Creativity
  • Athletics
  • Educational Activism
  • Environmental Activism
  • Food
  • Health
  • Identity
  • Political Activism
  • Support/Discussion
  • Misc.




Current Contact: Hanna Kessel, Nele Loecher

Description: This organization works with the Mayflower Homes, a retirement community in Grinnell, just a few blocks from campus. We match up Grinnell College students with residents at the Mayflower, based on shared interests or activities.

African and Caribbean Student Union


Current Contact: Mama Yaa Ampofo-Tenkorang, Adobea WIlliams

Description:We seek to

1. Celebrate the rich diversity of the African diaspora by engaging the Grinnell community through education, community, dialouge;

2. Coordinate activities with multicultural peer organizations.

3. Serve as a home – away – from – home for international Africans, Caribbean students, black Americans and all students with interest in the efforts and values of ACSU.

Anything But Math


Current Contact: Libby Farrell, David Neill Asanza

Description: Anything but Math is a place to do math for fun or competitively. At our weekly meetings we work together on fun problems and learn concepts that are useful for solving a variety of math problems. Our off campus community service goal is to coordinate a day of math fun at Grinnell High School where ABM members and GHS students work together on fun math problems that are both educational and entertaining. Our goals for this project would be to inspire students to be interested in math and to encourage students to have more confidence in their mathematical abilities.

Asexual/Aromantic Spectrum Support Network


Current Contact: Nolan Schoenle, Emma Kalkowski-Farrand

Description:The Asexual Support Network focuses on providing a safe space for asexual/aromantic-spectrum students and their allies to discuss their identities and their experiences. ASN will also attempt to reach out to the general student population and educate them about the legitimacy and existence of asexual and aromantic identities. Students of all sexual and romantic orientations are welcome to attend.

Asian and Asian American Association


Current Contact: Cecily Smith, Julia Shangguan

Description:As a multicultural student organization, not only does AAA hope to collaborate with other multicultural student groups, but it also hopes to educate the student body about Asian American culture and issues. Also, AAA exists to provide a safe space for all students and faculty where one can discuss the experiences of Asian Americans on campus.

Black Students in Stem

Current Contact: Cora Touchstone

Description: We are an organization for students of color in mathematics and science. We hope to increase the retention rate and participation of black students in STEM. Through increased exposure to these subjects, we hope that students of color will feel more comfortable exploring opportunities within the STEM field.  We will also be engaged with professors within STEM departments as mentors.  Members of the organization will have the opportunity to go to conferences and conventions for minority groups in STEM. Finally, we hope to bring a diverse array of speakers to campus to speak to students about STEM.

Blank Park Zoo Volunteers


Current Contact: Yun Zhao

Description: Our group is dedicated to improving the welfare and the lives of exotic animals in captivity at the Blank Park Zoo in Des Moines. We aim to do this through “goal-oriented enrichment”, which is the process of providing stimulating objects and environments to the animals in order to bring about natural behaviors not necessarily used in captivity, like foraging, or to reduce detrimental behaviors like pacing.

We travel one Saturday a month to the zoo and meet one Saturday a month here on campus as well to create the enrichment toys.  Throughout the semester, we aim to create new and improved enrichment toys, improve current evaluation of enrichment at the zoo, and even educate zoo visitors (and maybe even Grinnell residents!) about enrichment and how it’s good for the animals!

Busy Beekeepers of Grinnell


Current Contact: Isabella Kugel, Nicholas Haeg

Description: We keep bees, at Grinnell. At the end of the bee season we intend to hold a honey and beeswax fundraiser to sustain the finances of the club and continue to maintain our equipment. We will participate in local beekeeping clubs around Iowa and possibly attend apiary events at local farms.

Catapult Grinnell

Current Contact: Je Man Park, Peter Zelles

Description: Startup Club for Grinnell – backed by CLS

Chinese Student Association


Current Contact: Youtong Wang, Bangjie Wang

Description: Chinese Student Association (CSA) strives to enrich campus diversity and enhance cross-cultural understanding by organizing a diversity of Chinese cultural events and activities, including Chinese New Year and Mid-Autumn Festival, for a wide audience!

Community Meal


Current Contact: Hannah Galloway, Social Justice Action Group

Description: Community Meal is served every Tuesday evening at Davis Elementary School. The event is sponsored by various community and student groups, and coordinated by Grinnell students through the Social Justice Action Group. The meal is FREE and open to the public. It provides food for those who need it, and is a great opportunity for students and townspeople to socialize. There are many ways to get involved, whether it be volunteering, sponsoring, or donating.

Con Brio


Current Contact: Lucy Bales, Sylvia Bindas

Description: One of the student A Capella groups on campus.

Concerned Black Students


Current Contact: Devon Carlton, Selah Mystic

Description:We as Concerned Black Students (C.B.S.) want to provide a community within all cultures, as a way to unite and strengthen diversity amongst ALL Grinnellians. As a subunit of the intercultural community here at Grinnell College, we plan to educate, raise awareness, and ultimately create a safe haven for black students and those who support black students.<br><br>Concerned Black Students today plays an active role in the college community. In an effort to expand awareness of black contributions and potentialities among black students as well as the entire Grinnell community, CBS strives to maintain its stance as a viable body and to guarantee the survival of black students on Grinnell’s campus both academically as well as culturally.

Crecemos Unidos


Current Contact: Yesenia Ayala, Nicholas Foulon

Description:We mentor 8th grade students every month in Tama and Marshalltown, IA. Additionally, we will be hosting workshops in 6-7 cities across Iowa for parents of Latino students to help familiarize them with the college application process, financial aid and essay writing.

Engineering Club


Current Contact: Daniel Kaplan-Goland, Patrick Nuckolls

Description:We are group dedicated to building cool stuff with cool people. We’ll teach the skills to work in an engineering environment (CAD, machining skills, programming, etc.) to anyone who wants to learn, and have fun doing it.

Food Recovery Network


Current Contact: Eva Sarai, Emma Zimmerman

Description: FRN unites students at colleges and universities to fight food waste and hunger by recovering perishable food that would otherwise go to waste from their campuses and the surround communities and donating it to people in need. The Grinnell College Chapter of Food Recovery Network works with Dining Services, Mid-Iowa Community Action, First Presbyterian Church, and various local businesses to combat hunger in Grinnell by diverting recoverable foods from landfills to low-income families.

Grinnell Advocates


Current Contact: Stacey Cannon, Deanna Shorb

Description: Confidential, campus-based support for survivors of sexual assault, misconduct and partner violence.

Grinnell Aircraft Association


Current Contact: Kohei Kotani, Viet Dang

Description: We are a group of people who share the same interest in learning and building aircraft models. Anyone who is interested in the field of aerospace engineering is welcome.

Grinnell Automotive Club

Current Contact: Marcus Chew, Emily Louden

Description: Automotive club for students interested in all things car related. This includes teaching interested parties how to drive manual transmission vehicles, basic auto maintenance, as well as attending automotive related events across the state.

Grinnell College Campus Democrats


Current Contact: Austin Wadle, Katherine Menner

Description:  As this year is an off year, we plan to focus on policy change and education. The idea that we do not have to be elected officials or hold positions of power to effect change has been gaining momentum in the last year. We hope to bring attention to issues that are particularly important to members of our group through events, social media, and direct contact with elected representatives. We also hope to educate ourselves and the student body on the side of politics neglected during election season.

Grinnell College Equestrian Club


Current Contact: Natalie Seger, Margaret Loery

Description:  The Equestrian Club provides students with affordable horseback riding lessons in both English and Western as well as opportunities to participate in the intermediate or advanced equestrian drill teams

Grinnell Cricket Club

Current Contact: Bardan Sigdel, Anaan Ramay

Description:  We have contemplated this for over a year now, and now feel that there is enough interest on campus for initiating a cricket club. A solid group of about 10-12 people who have experience with the sport, and several others who have shown desire to learn, should be a decent number of people to get the club started. We encourage everyone interested to give it a shot!

Grinnell First Gen High School Mentoring Program

Current Contact: Taylor Gaskins, Carina Wilson

Description:  This group is designed for first gen (and eventually all) Grinnell college students to offer support to first-generation students in applying for college. We will act as mentors to the students, and help them with resources, the application process, and build connections with the high school students along the way.

Grinnell Management Consulting Club

Current Contact: Rohan Gandotra, Pratik Karki

Description:  Grinnell Management Consulting Club is a group of Grinnell College students who are interested in pursuing Management Consulting upon completing their Undergraduate studies. This organization, paired with the CLS office, provides resources and gives easy access to mentorship.

Grinnell Republicans


Current Contact: Peter Zelles, Russell Abernathy

Description:  A student group for Republican student’s on campus.

Grinnell Robotics

Current Contact: Dreycen Foiles, Benjamin Mikek

Description:  The robotics team is a group of people interested in learning about and building robots, being creative, and having fun.

Grinnell United Activism Collective


Current Contact: Oscar Buchanan, Caleb Forbes

Description:  We are a group that seeks to raise awareness and support for the water protector camp Little Creek just forty minutes away from Grinnell. We will be organizing trips about once a month to get Grinnell students over to the camp to aid them in their efforts to become fully sustainable intentional community. We will also be there to learn from the many wise indigenous people and activists who regularly visit the camp. In addition to our monthly trips to the camp, we will bring the community-focused spirit of the camp to campus by bringing speakers to campus, organizing events, activism trips, and more.

International Affairs Club


Current Contact: Archibald Williams, Nicholas Haeg

Description:  We provide a place for students to join in a dialogue on current and historical world affairs.  Topics considered relevant are those that pertain to the world community and not merely within one or two countries.  Events and stories are looked at from a multitude of different perspectives, including but not limited to economic, militaristic, religious and geopolitical.  Students are highly encouraged to share how their background or experience has influenced their thoughts on relevant topics.  Healthy debate on the discussed topics is always encouraged as well.



Current Contact: Zoe Scott-Nevros, Bangjie Wang

Description:  This organization was formed by students interested in observing and choreographing dances popularized by mainstream Korean musicians and groups.  We take elements of hip-hop, jazz, and other dance forms and use these dances as a medium to apply what we have learned.  This group meets 1-2 times a week to learn different dance elements and to look at how Korean music groups perform.  We meet on Thursdays (7:30-9:00 PM) in the Bear Dance Studio for lessons and on Saturdays (1:00-3:00 PM) in the Bucksbaum Dance Studio for free practice. Come out and join us!  감사합니다!

Minority Association of Pre-Medical Students


Current Contact: Judith Fan, Alredo, Villalobos-Perez

Description:  In conjunction with the medical faculty and students of the University of Iowa Carver College of Medicine, MAPS@Grinnell is committed to supporting (1) underrepresented, undergraduate minority students interested in pursuing health professions and (2) students who want to help underprivileged, minority communities.

Movie Night


Current Contact: Kaitlyn Goss-Peirce, Elana Gibson

Description:  We experiment with various foods and cooking styles, provide movie snacks, and watch fun films! We are entirely substance-free and take all food preferences and restrictions into account. We put together long lists to create themed movie nights each Saturday, accompanied by fun pot-luck style foods. We tend to avoid R rated and horror movies.  All are welcome!

National Alliance on Mental Illness On Campus


Current Contact: Robert Marko-Franks, Nina Galanter

Description:  NAMI on Campus is part of the NAMI family, the nation’s largest grassroots mental health organization dedicated to building better lives for the millions of Americans affected by mental health conditions. NAMI advocates for access to services, treatment, supports and research and is steadfast in its commitment to raising awareness and building a community of hope for everyone.



Current Contact: Sophie Wynde, Bretta McCall

Description: Grinnell’s newest mixed gender acapella group, performing a broad repertoire ranging from contemporary pop songs to old-school classics.

Pals of PALS


Current Contact: Seth Ruiz, Gemma Nash

Description:  Pals of PALS is a student group focused that organizes transportation to the local animal shelter, PALS. At PALS, we help take care of and provide love to shelter cats and dogs to ensure that they have the best life possible until they find their forever home.

Photography Club


Current Contact: Sarah Ruiz, Sofia Mendez

Description:  This club is for those who have an interest in photography, either digital or film.  We will learn about various techniques and then use them to create fantastic photographs while having fun and meeting new people.



Current Contact: Jeremy Sparagon, Carmen Ribadeneira

Description:  Press is a student-run publication group that assists students in publishing their work. In the beginning of each semester, Press accepts submissions from students with finished work, such as photography, drawings, poems, short stories, novels or novellas, and art work. After choosing several projects to publish, we work with each author in order to turn their creation into a publication. These publications often take the form of books, calendars, greeting cards, postcards, and more. Finally, copies of the finished project are distributed on campus at the end of the semester.

Project Pengyou Grinnell College Chapter


Current Contact: Peter Marsh, Bangjie Wang

Description:  Project Pengyou is part of a national grassroots organization that seeks to better U.S.-China relations and to empower the next generation of U.S.-China bridge-builders. On campus, our goals include instigating cross-cultural dialogue surrounding U.S.-China relations, fostering an inclusive, sustainable community that is built on interpersonal relationships between people with China connections, and providing support to students studying the language and encouraging them to study abroad.

Quiz Bowl


Current Contact: Alexander Mohn, Christina Fu

Description:  Quiz bowl is a team based, academic trivia competition. Teams consist of up to 4 people. During each round, there are 20 questions. Each question progresses from more difficult to less difficult clues. Players compete to answer each question correctly. The team that gets the correct answer is then entitled to a series of bonus questions that are answered cooperatively.

Science Fiction Association


Current Contact: Emma Kalkowski-Farrand, Emma Traband

Description: This is a community of science fiction and fantasy lovers. Each Friday evening, we meet to enjoy TV marathons of shows like like Star Trek and Doctor Who.  We provide snacks as well. This group also serves as a substance-free alternative to other weekend activities.

South Asian Student Organization


Current Contact: Avantika Johri, Anushka Saraf

Description:  The South Asian Student Organization’s (SASO) main goal is to create greater representation for South Asian students within the larger community of Grinnell, and bring events and festivals like Diwali, Holi, Eid, etc to campus. SASO is a space where students from all over the world celebrate the many forms of South Asian culture and heritage.

Student Labor Advocates


Current Contact: Quinn Ercolani, Alec Doss

Description:  Student Labor Associates was created to ensure public knowledge of labor relations on campus and promote fair working conditions on campus.

Student Organization for Latinos/Latinas


Current Contact: Yesenia Ayala, Monica Loza

Description:The purpose of SOL is to create a community that will nurture cultural pride, as well as awareness, among all its members. SOL resolves to create and support a cultural and social network that preserves and encourages cultural identity and autonomy; promotes awareness of political and social issues affecting Latino society; and serves as an education resource for the community. Some of SOL’s main programming include participation in the Columbia Conference (SOA Vigil/Protest), fall/spring retreats, celebrating the Day of the Dead, and attending the Iowa Latino Conference. The SOL multicultural suite is located in JRC 209L and can be reached at x4847.

Student-Athletes Leading Social Change


Current Contact: Daria Guzzo, Noah Jacobson

Description:  Our mission is to catalyze and connect college student-athletes to use their passion and platform to inspire and transform communities through sports, education, and leadership.

Super Smash Bros Club


Current Contact: Leopold Ewing, Evan Cunningham

Description:  The club will act as a community base for people who like to play Super Smash Bros at Grinnell. Spanning across multiple gaming platforms and playing levels, people can come play competitively or just for fun.

The B&S


Current Contact: Nina Galanter, Julia Dursztman

Description:  Grinnell’s biweekly satirical newspaper

Tiny Dorm


Current Contact: Artis Curiskis, Ronan Brooks

Description:  We’re a student group seeking to organize small ‘popup’ concerts in the same tradition as the great Bob Boilen.

Vietnamese Student Association


Current Contact: Linh Pham, Hoang Cao

Description:  • Create a space for people interested in Vietnamese culture to come together and gain more cultural experiences.
• Cooperate with other multicultural groups to foster cultural diversity in Grinnell College
• Reach out to the broader Vietnamese Community in the U.S. (VSA of Iowa State University and University of Iowa, etc.) for cultural exchange and future career opportunities
• Build and promote image of Grinnell College among Vietnamese prospective students and employers

Virtual Reality Club


Current Contact: Myles Becker

Description: VR Club aims to expose students to innovative realms of technology by exploring the various applications of virtual reality, including development, art, education, and wellness.

Yes We Can


Current Contact: Catherine Cuddy

Description:  A support group/safe space for people with physical disabilities on campus to come together and bond, hang out, and create a sense of community and overall support system across campus. We will have hang out nights that are more low key, meetings to get together and share problems we’re having and offer solutions/ support to one another and we will also have outings and other activities. Essentially we are a fun, empowering, group where an underrepresented population on campus can come together.



DIY Clothing and Fun

Current Contact: Oswaldo Cortes, Bennett Hunter

Description:  Our Club want people to customize their own clothing. We will use new material and recycled. The point is to add your own spin to your clothing and to have sustainable clothing. We want clothing to be like a blank canvas

Dropping Beats

Current Contact: Anthony Fu, Tianhao Zou

Description:  The dropping beats beatbox club welcomes all beatboxers and those who are interested in beatbox!

Film Club

Current Contact: Carlton Segbefia, Raymond Martinez

Description:  A space where interested individuals can come together and appreciate the act of film creation and support each other in creating their own. Weekly film showings and monthly film projects.

Free Movement Improvisation

Current Contact: Naomi Worob, Anna Chamberlin

Description:  Free Movement Improvisation is an hour and a half of movement improvisation based on Babara Mettler’s teaching and techniques guided by a student. We explore finding new movement individaully and as a group to grow, stretch, have fun and make art!

Living Room Theatre

Current Contact: Naomi Worob, Oona Miller

Description:  Living Room Theatre puts on an hour-long professional performance the first Sunday of every month in someone’s living room. Performers are students, faculty and community members. Performances are themed but eclectic. A performance may have all or some spoken word, music, dance, interactive art or theatre but be curated under a single theme. Hosts are people willing and excited to open their doors and share their home for the evening. In addition to performances, Living Room Theatre works to bring at least one visiting artist to campus each semester. As well as participating in the performance, the visiting artist is asked to put on a community event.




Friday Night Nets

Current Contact: Charles Saunders, Greg Eastman

Description:  Friday Night Nets (FNN) is a pickup basketball club that organizes basketball games on Friday and Saturday nights, but also provides a platform, through email and group chats, for sutdents to find others to play throughout the week.

Grinnell Brazilian Jiu Jitsu


Current Contact: Bennett Hunter, Seth Ruiz

Description:  Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ)  is a martial art and combat sport system that focuses on grappling and especially ground fighting. Grinnell BJJ is a club focused on learning the techniques used to succeed in a ground fight. We teach these techniques in both a self-defense sense, and in a
competition sense. We are a laid back club that primarily meet for fun and exercise. We do not require a gi.

Grinnell College Synchronized Swimming Club

Current Contact: Elizabeth Collinger, Clara Larson

Description:  We will provide students with the opportunity to meet once a week to practice and learn synchronized swimming in an environment that is inclusive, educational and fun.

Grinnell Sailing Team


Current Contact: Duncan Ward, Hanna O’Neill

Description:  We’re a new club on campus, focused on bringing back the opportunity for students to continue racing in college. While we currently are not well enough established, nor do we have the resources to, a long term goal of the club is to also offer sailing lessons to those who’d like to learn. Additionally, while some sort of experience is required for the regattas, anyone is welcome to come to the meetings and learn about the sport.

International Soccer Club


Current Contact: Addison Gould, Bardan Sigdel, Anaan Ramay

Description: We play casual pick-up indoor soccer four times a week in the Aux Gym. ISC accepts and encourages people of all identities and skill levels to come play.


Educational Activism

Grinnell Big Brothers Big Sisters

Current Contact: Samuel Reuter

Description: The Grinnell Big Brothers Big Sisters Program is part of a nationally recognized mentoring program matching positive role models from Grinnell College and the community at large with children facing any type of adversity in the three local elementary schools and the middle school. Grinnell College Big Brothers Big Sisters represents all of the “College Bigs” that participate in this program. Each week we meet with our “Little” to play games, talk, draw, eat lunch, etc. The extra one on one attention we provide our “Littles” helps to build their self esteem, helps them become more engaged in school and helps them to look towards the future. The goal is to help them reach their potential and become caring, confident and competent individuals.

Grinnell Literacy Advocacy Board

Current Contact: Rachel Hinkley, Mitchell McCloskey

Description:  The Grinnell Literary Advocacy Board (GLAB) is a pannel of students comitted to improving the status of social justice education on campus. This involves the creation of mini lending libraries housed in dorms throughout campus to ensure easy access to materials by all students. The board will meet twice(ish)/month to: first, determine the theme of aquisitions for the month (black history, LGBTQ contemporary activism, women in politics, the international student experience, etc) and send an email inviting all current students to suggest materials for aquisition; second, to meet and decide which materials will be bought and placed in the libraries. Other duties assigned to the board will include determining a book to bring to the community through a book club hosted at Drake library and finding ways to continually engage current Grinnell students in active social justice conversations.

Liberal Arts in Prison Program


Current Contact: Rachel Fore, Nicholas Foulon

Description: The Liberal Arts in Prison Program enrolls people in prison in a demanding, rich college program equivalent to a year at Grinnell College. We also host a student volunteer program that supports and supplements our accredited program. Through this work, we foster reciprocal learning that enriches lives both inside and outside the fences and affirm the transformative power of a liberal arts education. Read our newsletter, donate to our program, or contact us for more information. – See more at http//

Women and Gender Minorities in Computing


Current Contact: Rachel Swoap, Gemma Nash

Description:  A group of students in the Computer Science department that value promoting diversity in computing, specifically focusing on gender diversity.


Environmental Activism

Citizens’ Climate Lobby

Current Contact: Emma Gaydos, Sara Amano

Description:  The Citizens’ Climate Lobby is a nationwide, bipartisan activism group that pushes for the implementation of the Carbon Fee and Dividend, an incentive-based bill that grows the economy and the renewable energy sector. Citizens’ Climate Lobby members contact their representatives and attend demonstrations and marches, though all CCL members have the option to go all the way to the top. CCL hosts lobby days on capitol hill in which environmentally-conscious people can speak with their representatives in person and encourage action. The demeanor of the CCL is respectful, understanding, optimistic, and convincing.


Student Environmental Committee


Current Contact: Duncan Ward

Description:  The main objectives of the SEC are to inform and educate students about the College’s environmental policies and practices while serving as a liaison between the student body and the administration. Our overarching goal is to improve and advocate for the long-term environmental sustainability of this campus. We are an inclusive group with rotating members so feel free to come to the meetings at any time! You can contact us at to receive our  emails or like the Grinnell College Student Environmental Committee Facebook page for updates.



Bread Dinner

Current Contact: Anna Chamberlin, Naomi Worob

Description:  On a biweekly basis, bread dinner provides a home-cooked meal on Sundays serving up to 20 people.  We organize every-other dinner around different themes (for example, art, poetry, a specific cuisine, social issue, etc.) with the hope that these lead to meaningful discussion between individuals who may not otherwise cross paths. We want these dinners to facilitate meaningful and unexpected collaboration and conversation.

Grinnell Baker’s Club

Current Contact: Samuel Tipler, Taryn Washburn

Description:  The Baking Club meets once weekly on a non-committal, drop-in basis to make baked goods (cookies, cakes, cupcakes, etc) for both its members and the community as a whole. Anyone and everyone is welcome to join/participate in the club – the only prerequisite is the desire to bake some tasty treats!



Grinnell Cycling and Biking Club

Current Contact: Sarah Phillips, Samuel Dahlke

Description:  A student organization offering group riding throughout the week at varying levels. Along with a bike repair/workshop, where if students have current bikes that need minor repairs and adjustments, we can help with that.
Through our organization hosting both student and local rides to get more students aware of biking around Grinnell and biking safety (as in the importance of helmuts, even on campus), I think that a cylcing/biking club can offer a beneficial outlet for both mental and physical health on campus.



Black Faith Organization

Current Contact: Eden Gregory, Taylor Gaskins

Description:  This organization is an affinity group for all black Christians on campus. We have been active for almost 2 years, and we create a safe space for black Christians to discuss their intersected identities, their experiences on campus, and support each other as we grow spiritually as a community.

Grinnellians Seeking Christ


Current Contact: Sarah McCarthy

Description:  Grinnellians Seeking Christ is a student run Christian group on campus that meets weekly and focuses on ways Christians can help advance issues of social justice and equality today. We are open and affirming and strive to be welcoming to people of all background and beliefs. All are welcome! Our mission:
[GSC] is a diverse yet united Christian community that seeks to reflect God’s love for all people.
* We value inquisitive minds
* We affirm all sexual orientations and gender identities
* We respect diverse faith journeys

Korean Student Association

Current Contact: Seokyung Kim

Description:  This is a student organization consisted of native Koreans and Korean American students. The main role that this organization plays is to facilitate a space for students to get to know each other and to build friendships. Every year, we open a welcome party for entering first-year students to introduce them to other Korean students at Grinnell. We also coordinate monthly meal meetings and engage in campus events for international students such as Food Bazaar and Culture Show.

Political Activism

NextGen Grinnell

Current Contact: Katherine Herbert, Nathaniel Jordan

Description:  NextGen Grinnell is a student group created to provide a space for politically active students to creativly find ways to get the student body interested in grassroots politics. This is done through voter registration and community building with other organizing groups on campus.


Body Positive Club

Current Contact: Clara Dingle, Lily Dawson

Description:  A space for students to discuss body image, self-love, and positivity. The club will also hold workshops and activities for the general campus and promote awareness around body image issues.

Coalition for STEM Minorities

Current Contact: Courtney Carter, Sarah McCarthy

Description:  The Coalition of STEM Minorities exists as an intersectional support space for the varied minority experiences as students in the Science division. We aim to facilitate a supportive and safe environment where students engage in intentional conversations and actions to promote inclusivity. At times, the opportunities for discourse may be broadened to both underrepresented students in STEM and the greater Grinnell community, but this group operates both for and by self-identified STEM minorities.

Fellowship of Christian Athletes

Current Contact: Maximillian Hill, Hassan Thompson

Description: Our visions is to see the world transformed by Jesus Christ through the influence of coaches and athletes. Our mission is to lead every coach and athlete into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ and His church. Our values Our relationships will demonstrate steadfast commitment to Jesus Christ and His Word through Integrity, Serving, Teamwork, and Excellence.

Minorities in Math/Stats

Current Contact: Tara Verma, Libby Farrell

Description: MIMS is a support system for students in Math/Stats who are part of marginalized identity groups. We aim to create a space in which those students feel safe, comfortable, and welcome within a department that can feel exclusionary.


La Maison Francaise / The French House


Description:  La Maison française (the French House) hosts many events to promote French on campus. Movie nights, crêpes parties, cheese parties, game nights the weekly Café français where you can practice French with the French language assistant and enjoy some delicious food, and many more! The French House is also a place to live if you want to speak more French and share your francophilie with other students! The house is located on 1019 Park Street. Come and meet us !

United Way of Grinnell


Description:  Grinnell United Way advances the common good in Grinnell  by enhancing three key building blocks Education,  Income,  Health.  These efforts are focused on children, seniors, women, and all people in need. We strive to improve these people’s lives by dealing with the underlying causes of problems. LIVE UNITED is a call to action for everyone to become a part of the change.