Student Educational Policy Committee (SEPC)

The Student Educational Policy Committees are not officially “under” Student Government Association, however we fund some of their events based on how many students are within their majors. They are always available to apply for more funding from SGA for campus events and are a great resource on majors, professors, and general Grinnell College community.

Humanities Division

Chinese Japanese SEPC


Art History SEPC

James Caruso ’18, Sonja Spain ’18, Christian Baumann ’18, Claire Ma ’18, Ellen Taylor ’19, Moises Herrera ’19, and Amelia Geser ’19


Studio Art SEPC


Music SEPC


French SEPC

Mama Biamah Ampofo-Tenkorang ’18, Charlie Rosenblum ’18, Liana Butchard ’18, and Carson Backhus ’18

Not Pictured: Katie Orsund ’19 and Charlie Paquette ’19


Spanish SEPC


German SEPC


 Science Division

Chemistry SEPC

Katie Parrish ’18, Michael Kolanowski ’19, Alitza Shutt ’18, Aiden Call ’19, and Vivian Cheslack ’19


Biology SEPC

Michael Kamp ’18, Haley O’Neill ’18, Lauren Frankel ’19, Iridian Guzman ’19, and Rae Kuhlman ’18
Not pictured: Emma Roback ’19


Physics SEPC


Mathematics & Statistics SEPC

Nina Galanter ’18 (she/her/hers), Libby Farrell ’19 (she/her/hers), Sally Timko ’18 (she/her/hers), Zachary Segall ’18 (he/him/his), Tara Verma ’19 (she/they), and Reilly Grant ’18 (he/him/his)


Psych SEPC


Social Science Division

Political Science SEPC


Interdisciplinary Studies



Makenna Little ’20, Emily Jordan ’19, Kiritimay Pendse ’19, Charlie Paquette ’19 and Ceci Bergman ’19