Student Educational Policy Committee (SEPC)

The Student Educational Policy Committees are not officially “under” Student Government Association, however we fund some of their events based on how many students are within their majors. They are always available to apply for more funding from SGA for campus events and are a great resource on majors, professors, and general Grinnell College community.

Humanities Division

Chinese & Japanese SEPC

Chinese & Japanese SEPC Photo

Sophie Wright (she/her/hers), Medha Gopalaswamy (she/her/hers), Hannah Hwang (she/her/hers), Megumi Corley (she/her/hers), Mattori Birnbaum (he/him/his)


Classics SEPC


Clare Nash (she/her/hers), Noah Holt (he/him/his), Shannon Riley (she/her/hers), Gavin Gardon (he/him/his), and Eleanor Nicolson (she/her/hers).


English SEPC

English SEPC Photo

Magyar they/them/theirs, Olivia Fromm she/her/hers, Teresa Fleming she/her/hers, Caleigh Ryan she/her/hers, LilyRose Weiss she/her/hers, Jenkin Benson he/him/his


French SEPC


Charlie Rosenblum ’18, Nora Sahel ’17 (she/her/hers), Julia Dornbusch ’17, and Teodora Cakarmis ’17. Not pictured is Liana Butchard ’18.


German SEPC

photo of the german sepc

Emma Traband (she/her/hers), Austin Schilling (He/him/his), Sam Hengst (she/her/hers), Seth Van Helten (he/him/his)


Theatre & Dance SEPC

theatre-dance sepc

Emily Griffith (she/her/hers), Jessica Daly (she/her/hers), Sophiyaa Nayar (she/her/hers), Nolan Boggess (he/him/his), Sandy Barnard (they/them/theirs), Lauren Fenton (she/her/hers)

Religious Studies SEPC

Religious Studies SEPC

Sarojini Sapru 2017 (she/her/hers), Courtney Petersen 2018 (she/her/hers), Julia Schafer 2018 (she/her/hers, abroad in the fall), Olivia Queathem 2017 (they/them/theirs), Alyssa DeBella 2019 (she/her/hers)


Russian SEPC

Russian SEPC

Megan Treichel ‘17, Emma Friedlander ‘16, Stella Gatzke ‘17, Sam Burt ‘17, and Kieran Connolly ‘17


Studio Art SEPC


Minji Kim (she/her/hers), Reba Brooks (They/them/theirs), Olivia Caro (They/them theirs), Serena Hocharoen (she/her/hers), Tim Dooley (he/him/his), Josh Anthony (he/him/his), Lydia James (she/her/hers), Hazel Batrezchavez (she/her/hers), Helen Lant (she/her/hers), Taffe Tang (she/her/hers not pictured)


Science Division

Biology SEPC

Biology SEPC Photo

Emily Adam (she/her/hers), Jarren Santos (he/him/his), Ashley Murphy (she/her/hers), Rae Kuhlman (she/her/hers), Michael Kamp (he/him/his), Emily Kozik (she/her/hers), Haley O’Neil (she/her/hers)


Chemistry SEPC


Katie Parrish (she/her/hers), Linnea Dolph (she/her/hers), Deborah Msekela (she/her/hers), Alitza Shutt (she/her/hers), Richard Li (he/him/his)


Computer Science SEPC

computer science sepc photo

Aleksandar Hrusanov (he/him/his), Michael Owusu (he/him/his), Ying Long (she/her/hers), Lukas Alden Resch (he/him/his or they/them/theirs), Maddie Kirwin (she/her/hers)


Mathematics & Statistics SEPC

Mathematics and Statistics SEPC

From L to R: David Kraemer (he/him/his), Nina Galanter (she/her/hers), Karin Yndestad (she/her/hers), Rachel Knak (she/her/hers), Lilly Webster (she/her/hers), and Sally Timko (she/her/hers).


Physics SEPC


Rachel Bass, Peter Cipriano, Androniki Mitrou, Higinio Jasso, Allison Bartz, Sarah McCarthy,  Not Pictured: Obie Helmers , Jillian Rix, and Sarah Ruiz


Psych SEPC

photo of the 2016-2017 psych sepc

Lauren Hurley ’18 (she/her/hers), Jamie Schafroth ’17, Hannah Drake ’18 (she/her/hers), Helena Alacha ’18 (she/her/hers), Samantha Fitzsimmons Schoenberger ’17 (she/her/hers)

Social Science Division

Education SEPC

education sepc

Elizabeth Nelson ’17 (she/her/hers), Ellen Schneider ’17, Teresa Villarreal ’17, Carrie Stallings ’19, Ashley Jackson ’18 (abroad; she/her/hers),  Jherron Sutton ’18 (abroad), and Christian Clark ’18 (abroad).


Sociology SEPC


Noma Shields (she/her/hers), Abdiel Lopez (they/he), Cecilia Kwakye (she/her/hers), Jack Thornton (he/him/his), Jinna Kim (she/her/hers)


Interdisciplinary Studies

Environmental Studies SEPC

Laura Flannery (she/her/hers), Ashley Murphy (she/her/hers), Julia Schafer (also abroad this fall, she/her/hers), and Jane Jordan (she/her/hers)


Gender, Women’s, and Sexuality Studies SEPC

Photo of the entire GWSS SEPC

 Armando Perez (he/him/his), Julia Marquez-Uppman (she/her/hers), Gabrielle Matthews (they/them/theirs), Jaclyn Abing (she/her/hers), Hannah Boggess (she/her/hers), Kyle Lindsey (he/him/his)


Linguistics SEPC

Photo of Linguistics SEPC

Rebecca Siglin ’17 (she/her/hers), Sooji Son ’18 (she/her/hers), Maggie Bell ’17 (she/her/hers), Sandy Barnard ’17 (they/them/theirs) and Alex French ’17 (he/him/his). Not pictured: Briannah Wilson ’17 (she/her/hers) and Nathan Ford ’17 (he/him/his)