Cluster Senators

Cluster Senators:

LaKerRoJe Senators

The three east campus senators standing on JRC 2nd, semi-smiling.

Muhammad Waez Sheikh ’19, Ruth Brindel ’19, and Peter Zelles ’20

Waez Sheikh ’19 (he/him/his) is a second year international student from Lahore, Pakistan. He is an intended Economics major with a Statistics concentration and is interested in all things financial. He is a committee member for both All Campus Events and Student Programming and Services Committee. He is looking forward to getting more involved and helping create a better community on campus. Waez is excited to serve as a senator for LaKerRoJe this semester and looks forward to working with other LaKerRoJe senators on community building in east campus. Feel free to reach out with any questions, concerns, ideas or anything you might have to say @ [sheikhmu].

Ruth Brindel ’19 (she/her/hers) is a second year Philosophy and Biology double major. She originally hails from the midwestern metropolis of St. Louis, Missouri. Outside of the realm of academia she works as an Intern at the Office of Development and Alumni Relations and is a committee member for the All Campus Events and Reform Committees on campus. Ruth is a professional sports buff and has yet to find someone that can challenge her level of sports trivia knowledge. Being a Cardinals baseball fan in a sea of freshly uncursed Cubs devotees is an ongoing trial for her. She looks forward to working with her fellow senators in establishing a stronger community on East Campus. Ruth is so excited to be representing the LaKerRoJe cluster this semester, so make sure to reach out to her with any questions or concerns @ [brindelr]

Peter Zelles ‘20 (he/him/his) is a 1st year intended Political Science major from the Twin Cities, MN. He is interested in continuing the tradition of student-administration dialogue through SGA and ensuring a safe, comfortable residential environment for all students. He is looking forward to serving LaKerRoJe as a senator and working with representatives from other clusters to create a better Grinnell community – both on and off campus. Out in the real world, he has worked in the restaurant industry for years and volunteers annually at various Twin Cities art shows. [zellespe]

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Clangrala Senators

two white people stand in front of a window together

Charlotte Love ’19 and Graham Dodd ’18

Charlotte Love ’19 (she/her/hers) is a 2nd year biology major concentrating in neuroscience from a small town in western North Carolina. She is interested in sustainability on campus and is part of the SGA Green Fund. She is also concerned with making SGA as accessible as possible for the campus as a whole. Outside of SGA she is a math grader and is also interested in health care and has volunteered at Grinnell Regional Medical Center and is currently volunteering at Iowa River Hospice nearby in Marshalltown. [lovechar]

Graham Dodd ’18 (he/him/his) is a third year student from Fort Payne, Alabama. He is a Political Science major hoping to go into law. He serves on the Reform Committee of SGA. Graham is a first-time senator and is looking forward to learning the ropes and representing the students of Grinnell to the best of his abilities. He looks forward to listening and addressing the issues which concern Clangrala residents and invites them to reach out to him to help with questions, concerns, ideas, or simply to say hello at [doddhenr].

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Smounker Senators

two smile togehter in front of windows by jrc209

Anaan Ramay ’20 and Pranjal Drall ’20

Anaan Ramay ’20 (he/him/his) is a first year international student from Lahore, Pakistan. He is an intended Computer Science major. He is looking forward to getting more involved in his cluster and helping all students feel that they are respected. Anaan feels that it is very important, now more than ever, to make everyone feel welcome on campus. He is excited to serve as a senator for Smonker this semester and looks forward to working with Pranjal Drall on promoting talks on self governance and mental health issues. Outside of SGA, he is involved in AppDev, Union of Grinnell Student Dining Workers and International Soccer Club. Anaan wants to represent what the residents have to say to the Campus Council, so feel free to reach out with any inquiries or ideas. [ramayana]

Pranjal Drall ’20  is a first-year international student from New Delhi. He is an intended Physics and Economics double major with a concentration in Policy Studies. Pranjal is looking forward to representing Smounker residents at Campus Council and working with Anaan to improve infrastructure in Younker and Smith, host fun events for residents and promote political diversity on campus. He plans to be a member of the Student Curriculum Committee, Concerts Committee, and Election Board. Outside of SGA, he is a member of the Grinnell Tennis Team and is a huge fan of Kum&Go. Feel free to reach out to him about anything you want at [drallpra].

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 Canada Senators

three senators standing in front of a brick wall, smiling together

CaNaDa Senators Schweitzer ’20, Angela ’20, and Zala ’18

Schweitzer ’20 (they/them/theirs) is a first year intended Computer Science major from sunny Los Angeles, California. They’re passionate about helping (and leading) others, and enjoys running, playing Dungeons and Dragons, playing video games, and jumping on pogo sticks. They’re ecstatic to serve as a senator for the first time, and cannot wait to attend Outreach Committee meetings and make SGA more accessible for all students. [schweitz]

Zala Tomasic ’18 (she/her/hers) is from a small medieval town in Slovenia (Central Europe). She is double majoring in Political Science and Economics. She is a student representative on the CAS, a member of the Swim and Dive Team, SPARC Media Coordinator, a lifeguard, and a virtual intern for senator McCain’s 2016 campaign this semester. Within the SGA, she is a part of SPC, ACE Committee, Outreach Committee and Reform Committee. [tomasicz]

Angela A. Frimpong ’20: Hi, I am a first year and an intended Biochemistry major with Global development studies concentration from Ghana, West Africa. During my time as senator, I hope to help every student in CaNaDa, especially international students, make the most out of their time here at Grinnell and get involved! Besides having conversations about sustainability issues, policies and other random stuff, I do love a good bowl of Omotuo and delicious groundnut soup.  Please send me an email [frimpong1]!


Loosehead Senators

Three white male senators stand in front of the stairs to the third floor of the JRC. They're smiling and don't look particularly awkward.

Dylan Welch ’19, Riley Murphy ’19, and Jenkin Downey Benson ’17

Jenkin Downey Benson ’17: Hello! I’m a Senior English/Political Science major from Colfax, Iowa. When I’m not at Campus Council, I’m into creative writing, diy music, and memes. My pronouns are he/him/his. [bensonje17]

Senator Dylan Welch ’17 (he/him/his) is often mistaken for a father of four due to his natural comforting presence and ability to remain composed in difficult situations. A high-school athlete from Cleveland, OH, Dylan gave up a promising Division III Baseball career in search of exciting new challenges. His innate sense of social responsibility has since driven him to devote his time and talent to community service in the form of coordinating the Liberal Arts in Prison Program. Now he comes to the SGA prepared to serve Loosehead and Grinnell community members at large, always with a smile on his face. A big Cleveland sports fan, you should shout “Go Cavs” at him whenever you pass him in the hallway. [welchdyl]

Riley Murphy ’19 (he/him/his) comes from beautiful San Diego, CA and is studying Classics at Grinnell. He’s excited to be a part of campus and to work to improve campus safety. Riley’s also looking forward to fun study breaks with snacks and slime. Feel free to reach out with any concerns, ideas, or just to chat!  [murphyri]

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Jamaland Senators

two dudes in front of the window outside of JRC 209, arms around each other, smiling

Phillip An ’19 and Dylan Bremner ’20


Dylan Bremner ’20 (he/him/his) is a first year from a far off placed known as Atlanta, GA. He’s a big advocate of self-gov and a transparent administration, as well as sustainability on campus. He’s got a pretty diverse list of hobbies, which include writing, reading, acting, gaming, playing Dungeons and Dragons, and getting political at appropriate times. Although he is still undeclared, he will likely end up double majoring in English and Political Science. He is very excited to be representing the fine folk of JaMaLand, and would love to hear from you with whatever you have to say. Don’t think twice about reaching out with questions, concerns, or changes you’d like to see on campus. [bremnerd]

Phillip An ’19 (he/him/his) is a second year international student from South Korea. He is double majoring in Biochemistry and Economics. He is excited to represent JaMaLand and become an active member of the campus community. [anhyunhw]

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Richard Li ’17, Lauren Toppeta ’17, and Takshil Sachdev ’19

Richard Li ’17, Lauren Toppeta ’17, and Takshil Sachdev ’19

Richard Li ’17 (he/him/his) is a fourth year Chemistry major and senator for OCCO/OCNCO. Although a first-time senator, he has been on student staff as an SA for the past two years and hopes to make sure that OCCO/OCNCO students and their concerns are not forgotten by DSA. In particular, Richard is involved with Reform Committee and StiFund. Aside from SGA, Richard is also involved with the Chemistry SEPC, and one of the student leaders of the TC Corps. Find him in the grill on Wednesdays from 6:30-7PM during his office hours before he goes to Reform Committee and Campus Council! Otherwise, feel free to reach out at [lirich17] with any questions, comments or concerns!

Lauren Toppeta ’17 is a fourth year Art History major serving as off-campus senator this semester. Apart from her senator duties, which include active involvement with ACE Committee and Concerts Committee, Lauren serves as a Grinnell Advocate and is part of Art History SEPC.  She hopes to foster a strong off-campus community by hosting various events to relay information about on-campus happenings to off-campus dwelling students. Catch her any time at [toppetal17] or in the Grill Thursdays 12pm-1pm during her office hours. All questions, comments, concerns, or chats encouraged!

Takshil Sachdev ’19 (he/him/his) is first and foremost a family man. The Senator from OCCO/OCNCO has been involved in SGA from a young age, participating in First Year Council and the Diversity and Outreach Committee. An economics major he loves salty, hates sweet, and is a noodle connoisseur. Takshil, a New Delhi native, is also an editor of the GUM. He loves Chelsea and the Cavs but hates it when people call football soccer. [sachdevt]

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