The Cabinet is the executive body of the Grinnell College Student Government Association (SGA). The Cabinet is responsible for chairing the various SGA Committees, passing budgets and setting goals for the SGA.

SGA Cabinet 2017-2018

Photo of all of cabinet except for Misha, smiling and standing together

2017-2018 Cabinet Confirmation Rationals

SGA President Summer White smiling and looking at the cameraPresident Summer White

Summer White is the SGA President. She is a Political Science major concentrating in Policy Studies, especially interested in social justice and public health policy. Summer is a member of D.C. Posse 10 and a diver on Grinnell’s Women Swimming & Diving Team. Summer is excited for representing the student body to help students make the most of their times at Grinnell. Please feel free to reach out to her about SGA or anything else about Grinnell College!

Pronouns: she/her/hers

Office Hours:

Monday 10AM-11AM (Grill)
Wednesday 9AM-11AM (JRC 222)
Wednesday 3:15PM-4:15PM (Bear Lobby)


SGA Vice President of Academic Affairs Misha Gelnarova smiles and looks into the camera.

Vice President of Academic Affairs Misha Gelnarova

Misha is an International Relations and Communications major from Ostrava, the Czech Republic. She serves as SGA’s Vice President for Academic Affairs. She works closely with the Academic Dean of the College to ensure a smooth academic experience for all students, charis the Student Curriculum Committee, and works with the Division of Student Affairs to oversee JudCo, a core aspect of a self-governing community. Feel free to reach out if you have any more questions regarding academics, if you want to learn more about the college curriculum, or if you have any questions about any of the ongoing construction projects on campus!

Pronouns: she/her/hers

Office Hours:

Monday 9:30AM-11AM (JRC 222)
Thursday 10AM-11AM (JRC Grill)
Thursday 8:30PM-10PM (Burling 1st)

Vice President of Student Affairs Kahlil Epps

Kahlil is a fourth year D.C. Posse 10 Scholar studying English. He is a member of CBS and the Men’s Swim and Dive Team. He is proud to serve as the Vice President of Student Affairs in SGA. This position works closely with administration in the Division of Student Affairs as well as the full student body concerning student life issues. He advocates for and represents students in multiple committees and meetings throughout the year. Please reach out to him any time via email or his office hours.

Pronouns: he/him/his

Office Hours:

Sunday 7PM-9PM (Grill)
Monday 7:30PM-8:30PM (Grill)
Tuesday 7:30PM-8:30PM (Grill)
Thursday 7:30PM-8:30PM (Grill)


Max Hill, Administrative Coordinator Max Hill with a cast on his arm but looking happyAdministrative Coordinator Maximilian Hill

Maximilian Hill is a second year from the San Fernando Valley in Los Angeles, California. He is serving as the SGA Administrative Coordinator. He works as a support for the SGA cabinet, senators, and staff. Max is currently undeclared, but is leaning towards majoring in political science. He is a member of the Grinnell College football team as well as the Concerned Black Students group on campus. He is excited about facilitating SGA’s engagement with the many-faceted community that makes up the Grinnell student body. Please feel free to reach out to him about anything.

Pronouns: he/him/his

Office Hours:

Tuesday:3PM-4PM (JRC 222)

                                                                       Tuesdays 9PM-10PM (Spencer Grill)
Thursday 1PM-3PM (JRC 222)


Treasurer Zach Steckel

As SGA’s Treasurer, Zach Steckel works with Assistant Treasurer Waez Sheikh to manage SGA’s money and help students get the funding they need. A fourth-year Independent Major studying Decision Theories, Zach is fascinated by the choices that people make and the different ways of understanding them. Zach enjoys weird podcasts, cute puppies, and, as one of the co-founders of Pun Club, odd jokes. In addition, Zach looks forward to helping students fully realize ideas that change and improve Grinnell. If you have questions about SGA money or the strange reality-bending conspiracy that’s been consuming your life, you can drop him a line.Pronouns: he/him/his

Office Hours:

Monday 2PM-3PM (JRC 222)
Tuesday 1PM-2PM (JRC 222)
Wednesday 6PM-7PM (JRC 222)
Thursday 10AM-11AM (JRC 222)
Friday 4PM-5PM (JRC 222)

Assistant Treasurer Muhammad Waez Sheikh

Waez is the SGA Assistant Treasurer. He is a third-year Economics major concentrating in Statistics, from Lahore, Pakistan. He also serves as Green Fund co-chair and is excited to get involved with the development of green projects on campus. He is excited to help students in realizing and achieving their ideas to improve campus community and assist them in any financial capacity. If you have questions about SGA money please feel free to reach out to him.

Pronouns he/him/his

Office Hours:

Monday 2PM-3PM (JRC 222)
Tuesday 1PM-2PM (JRC 222)
Wednesday 6PM-7PM (JRC 222)
Thursday 10AM-11AM (JRC 222)
Friday 4PM-5PM (JRC 222)

All-Campus Events Co-Chair Selah Mystic

Selah Mystic is ACE Co-Chair alongside Claudia Handal and Dylan Welch. Selah is a third year Posse scholar majoring in History and is interested in teaching after Grinnell. She is also one of the co-leaders of CBS, was a Class Ambassador, and has been involved with the Track and Field team, Ed Pros, and PCPOP. Selah hopes to diversify the types of All-Campus Events hosted and make the process of hosting events more accessible to the campus. If you have questions or concerns, please feel free to contact her.

Pronouns: she/her/hers

Office Hours:

Monday 5PM-6PM (JRC 222)
Tuesday 5PM-6PM (JRC 222)
Wednesday 5PM-6PM (JRC 222)
Thursday 5PM-6PM (JRC 222)
Friday 5PM-6PM (JRC 222)

All-Campus Events Co-Chair (Fall) Claudia Handal

Claudia Handal serves as the ACE Co-Chair alongside Selah Mystic. Claudia graduated from Grinnell High School and is a fourth year Spanish major. While at Grinnell College, she has participated in Cross Country, SOL, and served as a senator. She is interested in expanding the types of events that students host and aiding in those ventures. Please feel free to reach out to her or Selah with any questions regarding event hosting and planning. 🙂

Pronouns: she/her/hers

Office Hours:

Tuesday 9:30AM-11AM (Grill)
Thursday 9:30AM-11AM (Grill)
Friday 1PM-2PM (JRC 222)


ACE Co-Chair Dylan Welch smiles and looks into the camera.All-Campus Events Co-Chair (Spring) Dylan Welch

Dylan is one of the two ACE Co-Chairs of Spring 2018. He is a Political Science major from Westlake, Ohio, and he will be studying abroad in Rabat, Morocco during Fall 2017. Dylan has spent his time at Grinnell as a coordinator for the Liberal Arts in Prison Program and as a Loosehead senator. He is excited to prioritize student safety and inclusivity for all campus events while ACE Co-Chair. Please get in touch with Dylan if you want to make suggestions about an event or plan your own!

Pronouns: he/him/his

Office Hours: TBD




SGA Services chair Emily Porter smiles and looks into the camera.Services Coordinator Emily Porter

Emily Porter is the SGA Services Coordinator. She is a Political Science major from Chicago. In her role, Emily will run events related to student programming and community service. Emily will work to serve as the liaison between the town and the college. Feel free to reach out to her at [services] regarding any questions about student organizations, community service, funding options, or general SGA stuff! She’s happy to be of service.

Pronouns: she/her/hers

Office Hours:

Tuesday 11AM-1PM (JRC 222)
Thursday 11AM-1PM (JRC 222)



SGA Diversity and Outreach Coordinator Hannah Boggess smiles and looks into the camera.Diversity & Outreach Coordinator Hannah Boggess

Hannah Boggess is the SGA Diversity and Outreach Coordinator. She is a fourth year Gender, Women’s, and Sexuality Studies major from Minnesota. At Grinnell, Hannah is NSO Intern and a member of the GWSS SEPC. As DOC, she looks forward to promoting accessibility and emphasizing diversity on campus, creating space for dialogues about intersectionality, and supporting students of all identities and backgrounds. Please feel free to reach out to Hannah with any concerns, questions, or comments at [doc].

Pronouns: she/her/hers

Office Hours:

Wednesday 6-8PM (JRC 222)
Friday 10:30AM-12PM (Grill)



Concerts Chair Luke Jarzyna

Luke Jarzyna serves as SGa’s Concerts Chair. Luke’s responsibilities include booking artists for the 2017-2018 school year, as well as orchestrating performances with the incomparable help of the Concerts Committee. Luke is an English major who has also been involved with Grinnell Singers, Grinnell Careers in Education Professions, KDIC, and student staff while at Grinnell. The Concerts Committee is open to anyone who wants to join and Luke is eager to welcome all students interested in learning more about this vibrant part of campus life! Luke wants Concerts to be a safe space where people feel like their interests, stories, and passions are represented. Luke loves hearing from people about potential artists to book, event collaborations, and really anything under the sun, so please reach out to [concerts] with any inquiries.

Pronouns: he/him/his

Office Hours:

Thursday 11AM-12PM (Grille)



Senators are elected each semester to represent their designated constituencies at Campus Council. Constituencies are divided into six dorm clusters and an off-campus college-owned and non-college owned housing cluster – Canada, Clangrala, Smounker, Loosehead, Jamaland, East Campus, and Off-Campus. Senators are students’ direct means of representation to Campus Council. Senators report Campus Council activities to their constituency and solicit constituents’ opinions in turn representing those opinions at Campus Council. Senators are also responsible for writing, debating, and enacting SGA legislation, approving budgets and sitting on two committees. Students interested in running for senator need to turn in a brief statement of intent to Election Board in order to be on the ballot for the elections. Students not on the ballot can still run as write-in candidates. In order to run for Senator, a student must meet the following criteria: be enrolled in Grinnell for at least one semester, be in good academic standing, and not be a member of student staff.

Fall 2017 Senators

Full bios and office hours on the Senators can be seen over at our Senators page.

Canada: Ruth Brindel ’19, David Taylor ’20, Hunter Antonisse ’19

Clangrala: Evan Feldberg-Bannatyne ’20, Razmeet Samra ’20

Smounker:  Rohan Gandotra ’20, Jonathan Rebelsky ’20

LaKerRoJe: Regina Logan ’20, Steffie Ochoa ’20, Dev Nalwa ’20

Loosehead: Jordan Hamilton ’19, Khadijah Toumbou ’19, Abby Doudna ’20

Jamaland: Warren Schweitzer ’20, Mahira Faran ’20

OCCO/OCNCO: Henry Bolster ’18, Carrie Stallings ’19, Quinn Ercolani ’20


Class Ambassadors

The Class Ambassador Program was developed to foster a sense of affinity among their class year and towards Grinnell College.Two individuals from each class year are selected to serve as the class ambassadors for their respective year. Class ambassadors are selected through an open application process facilitated by the three key drivers of the program (Student Government Association, Student Alumni Council, and the Office of Development and Alumni Relations). Individuals serve a one-year term and may reapply for additional terms if they so choose. First Year Class Ambassadors are chosen second semester through an application process.

2016/2017 Class Ambassadors!

Please welcome your class ambassadors!

Class of 2018: Krishna Mudwari & Medha Gopalaswamy [seniorca]

Class of 2019: Story Lesher & Emily Zaffiro [thirdyearca]

Class of 2020:  Carson Peters & Yoli Martin [secondyearca]

Class of 2021: TBD [firstyearca]

We also have the full descriptions of the Class Ambassadors.



Riley Murphy, Presiding Officer

Presiding Officer

Riley Murphy

Riley is a third-year Classics major from Encinitas, California who uses he/him/his pronouns. In addition to being the Presiding Officer, Riley is also the Scarlet and Black Business Manager and a co-chair of the Classics Student Educational Policy Committee. In his free time, Riley likes to play games with friends and think about his dog, Finn. Anyone should feel free to contact Riley at [murphyri] with questions or concerns about Campus Council.

Pronouns: He/Him/His












The Tech Coordinator of SGA's photo

Myles Becker, Technology Coordinator

Technology Coordinator

Myles Becker

Myles Becker is the Student Government Association’s Technical Advisor. He is third year Economics and Computer Science major from Chicago, Illinois. Myles is passionate about the implications of emerging technologies within modern society. He also serves as an administrator within the Technology Consultant Corps, as well as a founder of Grinnell College Virtual Reality. Myles is excited to act as an advocate for the implementation of new, accessible and inclusive technologies. In his free time, Myles likes to hang out with friends, listen to music and sleep.  [sgatech]

Pronouns: he/him/his






Ayesha Mirzakhail, ACESS Co-Director

Ayesha Mirzakhail, ACESS Co-Director

ACCESS Co-Director

Ayesha Mirzakhail is a fourth year Gender Women and Sexuality Studies (GWSS) major with a concentration in Global Development Studies (GDS). She serves as the new co-director of All Campus Events Student Safety (ACESS). After serving for the past two years as an ACESS chief, she is back on campus and ready to work closely with SGA and Administration to ensure student’s safety during all campus events. Ayesha enjoys traveling and recently spent her spring semester studying in Istanbul, where she was able to intern as a translator and teach English to refugees. She is hoping to bring her experiences to ACESS. If you have any questions or want to learn more about ACESS, feel free to contact the ACESS team at [ACE2]. You can apply to work for ACESS.

Pronouns: she/her/hers





ACESS MIchelle Risacher Co-Chair smiling

Michelle Risacher, ACESS Co-Chair

ACCESS Co-Director (Fall)

Michelle Risacher is a fourth year independent major in Film and Visual Culture. She serves as a co-director of All Campus Events Student Safety (ACESS) this fall, where she works closely with administration and SGA to ensure students are safe during campus events. Please contact the ACESS team at [ACE2] if you have any suggestions or any questions regarding their role on campus or job opportunities. You can apply to work for ACESS.




Mari Holmes, ACCESS Co-Director

Mari Holmes, ACCESS Co-Director

ACCESS Co-Director (Spring)

Mari Holmes

Mari Holmes is a fourth year Gender Women and Sexuality Studies (GWSS) major. She serves as a co-director of All Campus Events Student Safety (ACESS). This position works closely with administration and SGA to ensure students’ safety and well-being during campus events. Feel free to contact the ACESS team at [ACE2] for any questions regarding their role on campus, job opportunities, or any suggestions to better create a safe and welcoming campus environment. You can apply to work for ACESS.