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The Cabinet is the executive body of the Grinnell College Student Government Association (SGA). The Cabinet is responsible for chairing the various SGA Committees, passing budgets and setting goals for the SGA.

SGA Cabinet 2020-2021

President Lana Katai

My name is Lana Katai (she/hers) and I’m the SGA President. I’m an English and Chinese major and a member of the women’s swim team. My Fall semester 3rd year was spent abroad in Hangzhou, China and upon returning to Grinnell I was the ACE Chair for Spring ‘20. In my free time I enjoy going on walks with my dog, watching bad reality TV, and playing piano. Please reach out to me at [sgaprez] with questions, concerns, or if you need any support now or later : )


Vice President of Academic Affairs Fernando Villatoro

My name is Fernando Villatoro and I’m a third year student from Los Angeles, CA. I’m currently an English major but switching to an independent this Fall. Some of my academic interests revolve around health, digital, and narrative studies.  As for some personal interests: I love running, photography, Naruto, hanging out with friends, and the list goes on. This year, I will be serving as the Vice President of Academic Affairs where my role will be to serve as the liaison between students and faculty, staff, and administration on anything academic. My focus this year will be making sure students have the support and infrastructure to pursue whatever they want in an equitable manner. Decolonize the curriculum, baby! If you have any questions or are curious about anything, please reach out to me @ [vpaa1].  

 Vice President of Student Affairs Hazel Murray

Administrative Coordinator Declan Jones

 Hello! I’m Declan Jones (he/him), a fourth-year Economics major from Chicago, and I’m delighted to be the SGA Administrative Coordinator this year. I manage the SGA email and some internal processes such as senator elections and reform. If you want to know more about how SGA operates, or have a question but aren’t entirely sure who to ask, I’m your guy. I can promise timely responses and emails written with care. I’m best reached by email at [sga1], but a message on Facebook or Instagram totally works, too. In a typical semester you can find me around campus in literally any/all of the vocal performance ensembles, posted up in the Grill, or sprinting across campus trying to get to that 8AM class on time. Wishing you all the best, and I’m looking forward to a time when we can all be on campus safely together.   

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Treasurer Oscar Buchanan

Hi, I’m Oscar Buchanan (he/him), and I am the SGA Treasurer! I am a fourth year math & history major, and an amateur songwriter. It is my responsibility to allocate SGA’s budget for the upcoming unprecedented semester and track SGA’s spending. I care that SGA uses its budget to support inclusive communities and make lasting, equitable improvements to campus, and I believe it will require big changes to SGA. If you have any thoughts about how we spend your money, and/or ideas for how to make Grinnell better, please reach out to me! I am happy to help anyone find funding for their student project and chat about how our money system works. Whether you have questions, ideas, or requests, the best way to reach me is via email at [sgamoney]. 

Assistant Treasurer McAfee Chandler

 Hello, I’m McAfee Chandler (they/them/theirs), and I’m the Assistant Treasurer! I am a second-year majoring in Theater and Dance with a concentration in Science, Medicine, and Society. Since I’m from a Quaker school background, Service to my community is what drew me to SGA. I love TTRPGs, listening to podcasts, and when we’re on campus, you can catch me hitting my friends with foam swords in DAG! Feel free to reach out to me at [sga2] if you have any questions about how budgeting at SGA works, and if you have any ideas about how best to serve our community!

All-Campus Events Chair Xonzy Gaddis

Hey y’all! I’m Xonzy Gaddis, a third-year Political Science and Spanish double major from Houston, Texas. This year, I will be serving as the All-Campus Events Coordinator and some of my main goals are to continue promoting inclusive events on campus and make sure there is maximum participation and representation of the student body. I will be happy to work with anyone on their ideas for events this year and the best way to reach me is through email at [ace]. 

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Services Coordinator Felipe Monteforte Ferreira

I’m a rising fourth year Computer Science major from São Paulo, Brazil, and am serving as the Services Coordinator and the Student Programming Chair for the 20-21 academic year. The position entails supporting student organizations and clubs, from creation to funding and organizing activities, acting as a liaison between the student body and the City of Grinnell, and organizing major volunteering events on campus and in the city. For the next semester, my priority is to enable the student body to continue to engage in such activities and find alternatives that can better suit us during the pandemic. In Grinnell, I’ve been part of SOL (Student Organization of Latinxs) and ISO (International Student Organization), taught Portuguese at the ALSO program and been Extreme Society’s co-leader. In my free time, I love playing sports, especially soccer and volleyball, video games, and discussing Latin American politics. Please, feel free to reach out to me at [services] with any questions you might have (related to the job or not!!) or whenever there is anything I can help you with. 

Diversity & Outreach Coordinator C’Erra Houston

Hi, I’m C’Erra Houston. I’m from Flint, Michigan. I’m a fourth year and I major in gender, women, and sexuality studies. I am really excited about being in this position! I’m excited to work with the other cabinet members and I’m even more excited to hear from my peers what things they want to see out of their DOC. I have been involved in activism since my first year, and I’m really ready to address some of the issues that we, as students, have all been talking about amongst ourselves. If you have any concerns, questions, literally anything at all feel free to reach out to me at [DOC] or my personal email [houstonc]. You could also reach out to me on social media or through a friend. I really just want to be super accessible and I want to work with others to make Grinnell College, and especially SGA, a comfortable and safe space for people that have yet to experience that. I look forward to hearing from and working with some of you! 

Concerts Chair Phinn Lloyd

Phinn is a 4th year Art History major, and has worked with Grinnell Concerts throughout his time at the college. He served as the Concerts Chair in Fall 2019 and brought artists such as Crumb, OSHUN, and Beach Bunny to campus. Working for Grinnell Concerts has been Phinn’s favorite aspect of campus life, and he can’t wait for venues to safely open again.


This year, senators have been elected to represent their class year.

Traditionally, senators are elected each semester to represent their designated constituencies at Campus Council. Constituencies are divided into six dorm clusters and an off-campus college-owned and non-college owned housing cluster – Canada, Clangrala, Smounker, Loosehead, Jamaland, East Campus, and Off-Campus. Senators are students’ direct means of representation to Campus Council. Senators report Campus Council activities to their constituency and solicit constituents’ opinions in turn representing those opinions at Campus Council. Senators are also responsible for writing, debating, and enacting SGA legislation, approving budgets and sitting on two committees. Students interested in running for senator need to turn in a brief statement of intent to Election Board in order to be on the ballot for the elections. Students not on the ballot can still run as write-in candidates. In order to run for Senator, a student must meet the following criteria: be enrolled in Grinnell for at least one semester, be in good academic standing, and not be a member of student staff.

Fall 2020 Senators

Full bios and office hours on the Senators can be seen over at our Senators page.

2021: Ahon Gooptu, Sophie Doddimeade, Nicole Mendez

2022: Makaela Burch, Neil Israni, Raven McClendon

2023: Loyal Terry, Jazmin Richardson, Zoe Gonzalez

2024: Nora Leahy, Anthony Kang, Lewis James

MLC Senators: Nora Paul (Chalutzim), Giovanna Romero (SOL), Jenny Hong (AAA), Katelle Donkor (ACSU), Taylor Powell (CBS), Sarah Wig (ISO), David Hudson (Questbridge)

Class Ambassadors

The Class Ambassador Program was developed to foster a sense of affinity among their class year and towards Grinnell College.Two individuals from each class year are selected to serve as the class ambassadors for their respective year. Class ambassadors are selected through an open application process facilitated by the three key drivers of the program (Student Government Association, Student Alumni Council, and the Office of Development and Alumni Relations). Individuals serve a one-year term and may reapply for additional terms if they so choose. First Year Class Ambassadors are chosen second semester through an application process.

2019-2020 Class Ambassadors!

Please welcome your class ambassadors!

Class of 2020: [seniorca] Carson Peters and Yoli Martin

Class of 2021: [thirdyearca] Rachel Hinkley and Peony Teo

Class of 2022:   [secondyearca] Madeline McCabe and Camila Hassler

Class of 2023:  [firstyearca] Josie Noland and Shubhi Devrani

We also have the full descriptions of the Class Ambassadors.

 President of the Senate Syamala Gumidyala

My name is Syamala, she/her, I’m a fourth year Computer Science major from Bolingbrook, IL and your President of the Senate until the end of F2! I’ve been an active member of SGA for longer than I’d care to admit. My goal is to make Senate as accessible and low-pressure as possible, if you have questions or ideas, please hit me up at [gumidyal] for all senate-related inquiries.

Technology Advisor Vidush Goswami

Vidush Goswami ’21 is a senior majoring in Computer Science, Political Science, and Statistics. He grew up in New Delhi, India, and now lives in Rotorua, New Zealand. He also serves as the Secretary for the International Student Organization. In his free time, he enjoys singing, and pretending he knows how to dance.