The SGA is the single biggest source of funding for student organizations and initiatives at Grinnell College. The Treasurer [sgamoney] and Assistant Treasurer [sga2] work to make sure that SGA money is responsibly spent and accessible to all student organizations that may need it. Please see information on funding options below. Please feel free to reach out with any comments, questions, or if you are an individual with a disability and need accommodations. Also, all are welcome to come to our office hours, located on the ‘Us’ page.

How do I get funding?

Click here to fill out a funding request through GrinnellShare.

To get funding for your project, you can request funding from the following budgetary committees:

  • Student Programming & Services Committee
    • Funding for a specific student group or student group event. You must be a registered student group to be funded by SPC. To register a student group, reach out to the Services Coordinator at [services].
    • Funding for community service projects
    • Meets on Sundays at 1PM in JRC 227
  • All-Campus Events (ACE) Committee
    • Funding for events that are open to all of campus
    • Meets Sundays at 2:30PM in JRC 227
  • Green Fund Committee
    • Funding for sustainable pilot projects on Grinnell’s campus.
    • If you have any questions or ideas for a project, feel free to email [greenfund] and [sga2].
    • Meets Thursdays from 11AM in JRC 222

If you’re unsure which committee your budget should go to, shoot [sgamoney] and [sga2] an email and we’ll let you know.

To prepare for the funding process please read through our document on “what to know before coming to an SGA committee meeting“.

How to access funding:

    • A Voucher: If you would prefer to not use your own money, vouchers are available to use at McNally’s, Fareway, Chuong Garden, and Relish. Fill out a voucher request form with 1) the purpose of your spending, 2) the amount you would like to spend, and 3) the day you would like to go to the store. Place the form in the Treasurer Box or email it to [sgamoney] and [sga2]. Then, they will place the voucher in their mailbox in JRC 222 for you to pick up at your convenience. Once you make your purchases, return the voucher with the receipt to their mailbox.
    • Your Own Money:: If you prefer using your own money, you can make your purchase and then hand in the receipt to the Treasurer’s Box in JRC 222. Please see the detailed procedure below.
  • Interdepartmental Transactions: If your approved funding includes payment to a non-SGA department of Grinnell college (e.g. Dining Services, FM, Academic Departments etc.), SGA can transfer funds internally. To use this resource, send [sgamoney] and [sga2] an email containing the following information:
    • Your name
    • Your approved budget number
    • The Grinnell Department requesting a transfer of SGA funds
    • Purpose of the internal transaction
    • Name of contact-person in specified department (CCd)

* The PDFs do not open properly in Google Chrome for copy & pasting. Please use another browser or download the form.

Need Outreach?

SGA can help you get the word out about your event! For information about posters, other outreach, and funding, read our outreach policy.

Outreach requests for SGA-sponsored events (events funded via ACE, SPC, Services, or another SGA committee).

Outreach requests for SGA-recognized clubs (events that have not received other SGA funding, or general group outreach)

SGA Constitutional Funding Policies

  • SGA shall not allocate funds for the benefit of any for-profit organization.
  • SGA will not accept, nor will SGA or SGA funding bodies review or approve any request from Grinnell College student organizations for funding of publications on campus.
  • SGA can fund up to 2.25 x (student activities fee*) per student participating

*for 2017-2018, that amount is $450.00

Receipt Reimbursement Procedure

  • Receipts are to be turned in within 10 business days of purchase.
  • You must have an itemized receipt, NOT just a credit card slip or a photocopy. We cannot reimburse a non-itemized receipt.
  • Tape, do NOT staple, all four sides of the receipt to a blank 8×11½ sheet of paper PORTRAIT style
    • If the receipt is longer than a sheet of paper, please cut into sections to allow it to fit and all detail to be seen
    • Using both sides of the page for receipts is acceptable as long as the reimbursement is for the same person
    • Avoid using highlighters or placing tape over the writing on receipts as it tends to remove the writing.
  • Write your FULL name, box number, AND P-card number on the piece of paper next to the receipt on any side that the receipt is displayed. For example, “Mo Gallo-Chasanoff, Box 3523, P-card 0789123.” In addition, PLEASE write the budget number (e.g. SPC3, ACE14), if applicable, on all submitted receipts.
  • Circle the total for which you should be reimbursed on the receipt. If you are only going to be reimbursed for some of the items on the receipt, circle those and write the total for which you are to be reimbursed below. DO NOT just cross out the items for which you are not being reimbursed. We cannot reimburse deposits of any kind, so please do not include bottle deposits, for example, in the total.
  • Deliver the labeled receipt to the Treasurer’s box in the SGA Offices on the 2nd floor of the Joe Rosenfield Center (JRC 222) OR put the receipt in an envelope and send it through campus mail to “SGA Treasurer, JRC.” Do not give it to the Treasurer in person or mail it to their personal mailbox.
  • You should receive an email from accounting in about 2 weeks. If it takes longer than this, drop a (friendly) note to the Treasurers asking how things are going.
  • To make things easier, feel free to use our pre-made receipt reimbursement form (DOCX)!
  • Also, if you’re ordering pizza, please fill out the Pizza Order Form (DOCX)and email the completed form to the Treasurers before the pizza is ordered.