New Treasurers’ Office Policies
• SGA & Student Travel: SGA will no longer be able to directly fund student travel outside of Grinnell, but we have allocated money to the CLS, Athletics, and the Dean’s Office to expand their budgets for professional development and student travel
o Student travel within the town of Grinnell will be covered by People’s Ride vouchers
• Inventory
o Inventory open hours (2 hrs/week) or scheduled appointments
o Reusable items that are designated in committee to be turned over to the
inventory will not be reimbursed
o Unless evidence is provided of the item becoming unusable (broken, etc) while checked out, items that are failed to be returned will result in an inability to check more items out of the inventory, and thus a reduction in the types of items able to be requested from SGA

• Food Vendors & the SGA Credit Card: SGA credit card will only be able to be used at College vendors (Dining Hall, Catering, Spencer Grill), Pizza Ranch, or Jimmy John’s
• Work-Related Messages: Work-related messages should be sent over email or Slack (will not be responding to messages over Facebook messenger)
• Appointment Scheduling: Appointments must be scheduled through established appointment scheduler

Funding Criteria (copied from the amazing document compiled by Amelia Zoernig, ACE Chair!)
Large Budget Guidelines
• Must include a total request for the semester, which should be a sum of a list of individual events/programming requests (each event/meeting does not need to be itemized)
• For instance: Blanket Weaving Club might request $2,000 for the semester
o $300/meeting for 5 meetings = $1,500
o $500 for Blanket Harris · Must be submitted the Friday in advance of the
semester budget proposal meeting at which the group will be presenting for the committee chairs to look over prior to the meeting
• Submit the budget to [ace], [services], [sgamoney], and [sga2]
• All-campus events must have several proposed dates to help with scheduling and to avoid redundancy with other organizations’ events
• Be prepared to discuss the mission of your student group group and how programming and events fit into the group mission
o For hosts of one-off events: how the event serves campus culture or the Grinnell mission

• Be prepared to discuss accessibility, inclusivity, safety, and accountability measures taken by your student organization or event hosts

• Be prepared to discuss why each event or meeting requires the amount of money you have requested
• For the previous three bullet points, it is highly recommended that you consider drafting responses/statements to have ready for the meeting and to potentially even submit to [ace], [services], [sgamoney], and [sga2] with your budget
• We highly recommend scheduling a time to visit the SGA inventory to look at durable items that can be checked out from there
• To schedule a time, email [sgamoney] and/or [sga2]

Emergency Budget Guidelines
• If a budget request is for a newly created student group or an event/programming that is in response to a current event on campus or in the world, it can qualify as an emergency budget
o If it is not meet either of these criteria, the budget request may still be submitted to the committee chairs, but is entirely up to their discretion

• Any budget over $1,000 must first be presented in committee, then must be presented again and approved by Campus Council, which meets every Sunday in JRC 101 at 7 PM
• Budgets must be submitted to committee chairs AT LEAST two weeks in advance of event
• Things to consider for your budget:
o Your budget should be as specific as possible. Include every item with prices and quantities and be prepared to explain why each item is necessary for the event.
o If this is an event that has occurred in the past, how does this budget compare with previous ones? Why is it more/less?
o Double check your math! (humanities majors especially)
• Things to consider for your event:
o Accessibility
o Date and Time
o Checked for major conflicts; check calendars or ask ACE and Concerts chair
o Space Booked
o Is the space accessible
o Who is it for? What is the benefit?
o Expected attendance
o Outreach- must fit the goals of the event as well as the goals of the committee from which you are requesting funding. For example, outreach for an event that is only meant for members of a specific club will be very different than outreach for an event that is meant to be accessible to all of campus.
o Food: Remember, SGA will only fund food twice per semester unless it is for a group that is based on food (i.e. baking club)
§ Vegan/Gluten Free Options/Awareness of Major Allergens
§ Quantities; will everyone expected to attend be able to eat
§ If you are ordering Pizza Ranch, the SGA standard order is: 6 cheese, 4
vegan, 2 gluten free cheese, 2 gluten free vegan
§ If catered have you spoken to the catering org (Dining Services, etc.)?
They may require a certain amount of advance notice.

Interim Allocations Budget Guidelines
• Interim Allocations Committee will meet every Sunday evening for the first three weeks of the year, before Senators have been elected and the semesterly budget meeting can be held
• All Emergency Budget guidelines apply here, except for the requirement that budgets be submitted two weeks in advance, as we recognize that would be near impossible at the beginning of the year

Existing Treasurers’ Office Policies
All student groups must keep a spreadsheet that details funding received,
outside donations received, and expenditures made with the date each
transaction occurred
• Spreadsheet must be accessible to SGA Treasurers and Services/SPC
• Spreadsheet must be updated by the end of each month
• Records must go back at least 2 years
• We recognize that as of the implementation of this policy (Spring 2019), records will likely not go back 2 years

Receipt Submission
• Receipts for restricted events (read: non-All-Campus Events) that involve food funded by SGA must be submitted with the names of all event participants
• Receipts must be taped to a sheet of white printer paper with the following:
• Student’s name
• P-card number
• Mailbox number
• Event and (if applicable) budget number that the receipt is for
• For non-ACE budgets with food: names of event participants
• Receipts that are submitted incorrectly will be returned to you!

SGA Institutional Policies Involving the Treasurers’ Office
• No hiring or firing without Treasurer, President, and JROC approval (this includes
temporary positions as well)
o A detailed job description must also be written up for new positions
o Administrative Coordinator will be in charge of retroactively writing up job
descriptions for old positions and logging new ones as well

• One representative of the Treasurers’ Office will always be present at meetings requiring
the Treasurers’ Office or all of Cabinet, but not both
o Budgetary committee meetings: Assistant Treasurer
o All-Cabinet meetings and Student Senate: Treasurer and AT switch off every week

Find the full SGA Funding here!