Committee Meetings: Tuesday 8pm SGA Offices

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Email Corey Simmonds at with inquiries.



February 4th, Saturday: Jamila Woods *

February 10th, Friday: Milo / Crunchy Kids *

February 17th, Friday: The Flashbulb *

February 18th, Saturday: T-Rextasy *

February 24th, Friday: The Skins *

February 25th, Saturday: Elysia Crampton / Rabit *

April 15th, Saturday: Alex Wiley / Kembe X / Waldo *

May 1st, Monday: Japanese Breakfast *

May 6th, Saturday: Whitney *

May 8th, Tuesday: Ry-X #

May 11th, Thursday: Frankie Cosmos *


* Gardner Lounge

# Herrick Chapel

^ Sebring-Lewis Hall