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Student Senate [sga1]

When? 7PM on Sundays

Where? JRC 101

Student Senate is a weekly meeting that includes the participation of Senators, Cabinet Members, Delegates, and the Presiding Officer. Within these meetings, students make decisions about budgets, events, and communicate concerns about Grinnell. This fast paced meeting is open to anyone!

All-Campus Events Committee [ace]

When? 2:30PM on Sundays

Where? JRC 226

ACE Committee is a collection of student voices that helps shape the social scene here at Grinnell. We discuss the tenants of a variety of events that are brought to our committee and vote on the budgets that are presented. We also select the films to be shown on the weekends and organize cool outings. From 10/10 to Block Party, cultural events, speaker series, the ACE Committee serves to represent the voices that help shape our community and Grinnell experience. Come join us on Sundays at 2:30pm in JRC 226 and party with the coolest committee on the block!

Student Programming & Services Committee [services]

When? 1PM on Sundays

Where? JRC 227

The Student Programming & Services Committee (SPC) meets weekly to review budget proposals prepared by student groups that do not fall under the jurisdiction of other SGA committees. The Committee reviews these budgets and either approves them or makes a recommendation to the SGA Campus Council, which then votes on the amount of money the group shall receive. The Committee is available for students who require a budget for an event or project related to community service or for a student group. In order to be a viable applicant your project or event must be available to the entire student body and it must involve service in the world outside of Grinnell College in some way!

Outreach Committee [doc]

When? 7PM on Tuesdays

Where? JRC 203

This committee explores the best ways to get more students involved in SGA. We discuss our own experiences with learning about SGA, how students learn about events at Grinnell, and how we can better educate others about what SGA is up to.

Green Fund Committee [greenfund][sga2]

When? 12PM on Thursdays

Where? JRC 203

The Green Fund is awesome if you care about sustainability. They have a budget to do pilot projects at Grinnell and while an open committee for meetings, members are actually appointed through an application system at the beginning of each semester.

Concerts Committee [concerts]

When? 7PM Tuesdays

Where? SGA Office (JRC 2nd floor)

As part of SGA, the Grinnell Concerts Committee brings over a dozen musical acts to campus each semester, bringing emerging hip hop, electronic, R&B, and rock groups to our venues in Gardner Lounge and Herrick Chapel. If you have any ideas, please submit them here! Also, if you are interested in opening a musical act, send your name and a recording of your original music to [concerts]. We have all the concert dates on our calendar, as well as on the Concerts Schedule Webpage.

Student Curriculum Committee [vpaa1]

The Student Curriculum Committee (SCC) is a body composed of members from each Student Educational Policy Committee (SEPC) and chaired by the SGA VPAA. The SCC is a forum where the academic concerns of the college are discussed. Recent topics include the evolution of concentrations into majors and the pros and cons of curricular scheduling. SCC meetings are also opportunities for student representatives to exchange study break ideas or collaborate on student programming.

Please fill out the SEPC budget request and submit to [vpaa1] one week before you intend to hold an event. VPAA Aaronson will respond within two days of submission. To check your current budget, email [vpaa1].


Thursday, September 13th 8pm JRC 225
Thursday, October 11th 8pm JRC 225
Thursday, November 1st 8pm JRC 225
Thursday, November 15th 8pm JRC 225
Thursday, December 6th 8pm JRC 225

First Year Council [doc][firstyearca]

When? 7 PM on Wednesdays

Where? JRC 225

First Year Council is a first year student’s first step into getting involved in SGA. This committee will provide insight to what a first year can do and how they can take advantage of SGA. The Diversity and Outreach Coordinator leads this committee until the First Year Class Ambassadors are chosen (in the spring) in order to assist first years with programming and direct them to any other SGA committees and positions that they might be interested in.

Title IX Working Group [vpsa]

The Title IX Working Group works to help students better understand Title IX policy at Grinnell and improve the sexual climate at Grinnell overall. This group has worked diligently with the Grinnell administration in order to publish a list of frequently asked questions pertaining the Title IX process and policy at Grinnell.

Because of the topic of this Working Group, it is not fully open, but if you are interested in joining, please contact the Vice President of Student Affairs at [vpsa].

Technology Committee [sgatech]

When? One Tuesday per month at 11AM, contact [sgatech] for details

Where? JRC 227

The Technology Committee is aimed at creating interface between the student body and Information Technology Services, focusing on creating a formal environment for students to submit ideas for and raise concerns regarding the institutional usage of technology at the college and supporting the college’s commitment to inclusion and accessibility by promoting the accessibility of technological resources made available to students.

Student Initiatives Fund [stifund]

When? Tuesdays, 11AM

Where? SGA Offices

An initiative is a means for the student body to express its collective opinion on campus, state, national, or international issues. In the past, initiatives have included an ice skating rink, a campus brothel, a foam machine, campus scooters, a swing set, the high street crosswalk, banning the use of coke products on campus for mistreat of workers, renovations to the BCC, more computers in Burling, feminine hygiene waste baskets in the bathrooms. Join StiFund to help make a change on campus by implementing the initiatives that pass or check out how to start your start your own!

Reform Committee [reform]

When? As needed

Where? SGA Offices

The Reform Committee meets as deemed necessary by Campus Council to review and revise the SGA Constitution and By-Laws. Students with interest in SGA processes and systems – such as Campus Council, the Constitution and By-Laws, SGA organizational structures, or an interest in reforming or revising any of these – may be interested in attending a regular meeting of the Reform Committee.

Election Board [election]

When? As needed

Where? SGA Offices

Election Board is responsible for administrating campus elections, including the Presidential, Vice Presidential, Senatorial and student initiative elections. Election Board meets as needed. If you have are interested in becoming a member of Election Board or involved with running elections or have questions about the election process, please feel free to email Election Board at [election].

Interim Allocation Committee [sgamoney][sgaprez]

When? Start of each semester

Where? TBD

Interim Allocation Committee was created to fill the gap at the beginning of the semester before Campus Council starts to ensure that groups and events on campus can happen. Any student group can send a budget to IAC by mailing it to any member of SGA during that time; IAC is open to everyone who can vote on all other budgets that they are not conflicted with.