Looking for funding?

Before asking for funding from SGA Student Programming Committee, Services Committee, or ACE Committee, check out what to know before coming to an SGA committee meeting. Also, make sure to consult our itemized budget request form & overall budget application when planning an event.  In addition, if you want more details about funding – check out our funding tab.

Interested in starting your own student group?

Students can create their own student group and receive funding to fund it through SGA. Learn about what it takes to start your own student group!

This year SGA and Services are pushing a shift from OrgSync to GrinnellShare. Hopefully by spring semester all student organizations with updated OrgSync profiles will be given a group page on GrinnellShare. Here you can see what a page for a student organization will look like now!

Register to be a Delegate?

One student from any student group join Campus Council as a Delegate. Delegates may make motions, second motions, and participate in debate, but cannot vote. Their purpose is to serve as a unique voice at Campus Council as they represent their group. Register to be a delate or learn more about the position in the SGA Constitution.

Have ideas for concerts?

Feel free to drop Concerts Chair Corey Simmonds any suggestions for musical acts to bring on campus by submitting this form!

If you are interested in opening a musical act, send your name and a recording of your original music to [concerts]

Start a Student Initiative?

Student initiatives are a means for the student body to express its collective opinion on campus, state, national, or international issues. Submit Student Initiative applications to submit your applications and remember to collect your signatures and turn the student-initiatives signature document into the SGA Offices (JRC 222).