Concerts Submission Form


Events for the Rest of the Semester!

We only have a couple weeks left before the end of the semester! With that being said, here are the major events planned for the rest of this academic year.
4/26 – Lego Movie 2 in Harris Cinema @7:15pm and 9:15pm
4/26 – Franchika + Ashlee Bankz concert in Gardner @9:30pm
4/27 Relays at Cleveland Beach @10am
4/27 Titular Head in Harris @8pm
4/27 Reggaeton Gardner @10pm
5/3 – Over the Hedge in Harris Cinema @7:15pm and 9:15pm
5/3 – Girl K w/ Blizzard Babies concert in Gardner
5/4 The Grinnellian at the Commencement Stage @3-7pm
5/4 Waltz 10pm-1am Location TBD
5/18 Block Party!
Come out and enjoy yourself before the semester ends! Feel free to email me at [ace] if you have any questions.
The Return of Glass Recycling

On-campus glass recycling is now available in four locations: Main first-floor lobby, Loose lounge, Younker lounge, and the Kershaw recycling room. Please only deposit clean, empty glass containers in these green bins. If the bins become too contaminated with items other than glass, the program will have to end. We request that you put only empty containers in these bins to help out the FM worker who has to empty them into a glass dumpster at the recycling center. Please contact [greenfund] if you have any questions or concerns about this program.
FogFast Spring 2019

In collaboration with dinning services, SGA is running the FogFast fundraising event! 
Students have the ability to donate a dinning hall meal and the funds from it will go to a community service organization. If you have a couple extra meals this is a super easy way to donate to important programs.   Please note you can only donate one meal for this semester. You can donate your meal by entering your P-card number into this form or by swiping your P-card on the P-card reader outside of Dhall where SGA  will be tabling this week.
What: FogFast – Donate Dhall meals to community service organization
When: This week Monday 22nd April to next Wednesday 1st May
Where: Tables outside Dhall and in form attached
SGA is hiring: President of the Senate, Technical Advisor


We’re hiring! No SGA experience is required for these paid positions. 
If you’re great with technology and want to help SGA meetings, surveys, and other tech-requiring things go smoothly, we need you to apply to be SGA’s Technical AdvisorThe Technical Advisor’s role is to fulfill the technology needs of SGA’s members and to advise in their effective use of technology. In the past, this has included (but not been limited to) maintaining student group web server infrastructure, maintaining the SGA website, coordinating SGA election technology, and extended communication with Grinnell ITS. In addition, the Technical Advisor leads the SGA tech committee and meets monthly with Grinnell’s chief technology officer. 
Do you want to facilitate Student Senate through sometimes tricky, always interesting conversations? We’d love to have you apply for the President of the Senate. The President of the Senate professionally, objectively, and respectfully navigates Student Senate attendees through the weekly agenda at student senate meetings. 
Applications will close on Thursday, April 25 at 11:59 PM. If you have any questions or need any accommodations, please reach out to [loganreg].
Spring 2019 Student Initiative Results


Below are the results for this semester’s Student Initiatives. The Initiative Implementation Meeting will be this Sunday, April 7th, at 12:00 pm in JRC 226. Anyone, students, faculty and staff, interested in the initiatives should come.
Spring 2019 Initiative Results:
Scales in the D-Hall: Failed to Pass
More Outlets in the Grille: Passed
Fix the South Campus Vending Machines: Passed
Vending Snacks in Burling: Passed
Avocados in D-Hall: Passed
Adjustable Desks in HSSC: Passed
Live Streaming for all Cultural Events: Passed
Free Tampons and Pads in ALL Dispensers: Passed
Young Alumni Trustee: Passed
Student Trustee: Passed
Allergen Information at the Spencer Grille: Passed
Campus Trampoline: Failed to Pass
Shovels in all Floor/House Closets: Passed
Raise the Temperature in the Nelbow: Failed to Pass
Spinning poles in Bear: Passed
Keep Bucksbaum Open Later: Passed
Tea and Coffee in Upstairs D-Hall: Passed
Water Fountain in Dibble Annex: Passed
Text Campus Safety: Passed
Campus Safety Transparency: Passed
Standardized Water Bottle Fillers: Failed to Pass
First Aid Kits in Dorms and Project Houses: Passed
“Grape Nuts” in D-Hall: Failed to Pass
Reusable Salt and Pepper Shakers in D-Hall: Passed
Compostable Biodegradable items in the Grille: Passed
Environmental Studies Major: Passed
Enclosing East Campus Loggia: Failed to Pass
Update Science Department Laboratory Handbooks: Passed
Student Group Mural: Passed
Grille Snacks: Passed
Outdoor Hexagonal Spaces at HSSC: Passed

If you have any questions, please email Stifund Chair Joseph Robertson [stifund].


 The Return of KDIC 88.5FM

KDIC is back! From the grave! Zombie KDIC! Hungry for brains!
With a new state-of-the-art soundboard and a fully repaired transmitter, KDIC 88.5 FM Grinnell College Radio is ready to roll once again. Please submit an application if you have any great ideas for a weekly hour-long radio show! Music, live music, discussion, talk show, debate, poetry, comedy—give us whatever you got! We are really excited about the return of radio to campus, and we hope you are too. Some former radio DJs you know and love are already up on air, check out the schedule attached! And if you’re interested in doing your own gig, send those applications in by Sunday, March 24 so we can get you trained and our programming up and running after Spring Break. If you have had a show in the past and are not on our current spring schedule, feel free to reapply.
Application: KDIC Application
 Other cool features of KDIC available to everyone: the recording booth and listening room, all in our JRC 219 studio. Trying to record some music or sound art of some kind using professional recording and production equipment? Send an email to [recording] with ideas and they can help you out, or just check their Facebook page for an application. Want to browse the radio station’s extensive decades-old collection of CDs and vinyl records and listen to them on super nice speakers? The Listening Room is open to everyone—bring homework and/or friends to this new hangout space on campus! We’re open evenings: Monday 4:30-8:30, Tuesday 4:30-6:30 PM, 7:30-9:30 PM, Wednesday 4:30-8:30 PM, Thursday 4:30-6:30 PM, 8:30-10:30 PM Friday 4:30-8:30 PM Saturday 4:30-6:30 PM. Oh and not technically KDIC related but Bob’s got open hours now, go hang/study there too! All power to students + workers!
Peace, love, and brains,
Sarah, Steven, Lydia
KDIC Managers/Momagers

Citizens’ Police Academy

Hi Grinnell College Students, 
Are you interested in learning more about the Grinnell Police Department – from an inside view?

If so, you can apply for theCitizens’ PoliceAcademy as a representative of the College – there are spaces for a couple of staff, faculty, and students. This program is highly recommended if you want to know more about the GrinnellPoliceDepartment. Participating in this program is a great way for students, faculty, and staff to meet community members and Grinnell PD staff, as well as to learn about law enforcement. 

Details include:

·First class Tuesday, March 19  (weekly meetings for 8 weeks on  Tuesday) 
· Last class is on May 7th.
·Approximate class time is 6-830PM

If you are interested or have any questions, please contact Officer Benjamin Smith at( 




Khadijah Toumbou ’19
Vice President for Student Affairs
Student Government Association: JRC 222-E

Spring 2019 All Campus Events

Hello students, the spring schedule for All Campus Events can be found here: Spring 2019 All Campus Events

SGA Cabinet Applications 2019-2020

Are you interested in applying to be a member of the SGA Cabinet? Many of Grinnell’s student organizations and services utilize SGA’s help and support. Cabinet members are necessary for all SGA operations, which includes programming, events, concerts, Campus Council, representing the Grinnell College student body, and more! Below you will find a brief overview of general cabinet expectations and links to applications for each position.
Tentative, general cabinet expectations:
  • Working 20 hours a week for $9.50/hour
  • Attending lunch meetings on Mondays and Fridays (12-1pm)
  • Attending Student Senate
  • Returning to campus approximately one week early for goal setting, planning, meetings with administrators and staff, and programming for new students 
See the applications below for overviews of specific Cabinet positions. Please check out the SGA Constitution and reach out to the current SGA Cabinet to learn more about these roles and SGA as a whole.
Cabinet Applications
Eligibility: Any full-time student of Grinnell College shall be eligible for any SGA Cabinet office, provided that co is at least a first semester sophomore at the time of assuming office, is planning to be in attendance on the Grinnell College campus for the duration of the term of office, and will not concurrently be a Campus Council Senator or a member of Grinnell College Student Staff (community advisor). While experience in SGA can be helpful, it’s absolutely not required.
Applications are due on Thursday, February 28th, by 5:00 PM. We are aiming to conduct interviews for selected students on Friday, March 1 – Saturday, March 2.
If you need any accommodations, please contact President-Elect Regina Logan at [loganreg].
All the best,
Regina Logan, President-Elect
Saketan Anand, Vice President-Elect of Student Affairs
Gracee Wallach, Vice President-Elect of Academic Affairs
Amanda Weber, Assistant Treasurer

SGA Funding Workshop for Student Groups

There will be a *mandatory* funding workshop on Monday 3/11 from 7-7:30 pm in JRC 101 for all student group leaders on campus. If you want to receive funding from SGA, you must be at this event or you need to schedule another time to meet with [sga2] and [services]. 
At the workshop, we will be helping student orgs set up bookkeeping systems and talking about the proper way to submit budgets and reimbursement requests. It’ll be short and there will be lots of ~snacks~, because we want fiscal responsibility to not suck.
Please feel free to hit me up with any questions. See you there!
Amanda Weber
SGA Assistant Treasurer
Grinnell College ’21
JRC 222-E

Grinnell Concerts Spring Lineup

2/2 Lala Lala w/ Sen Morimoto

2/8 Karen Meat w/ Katie Sin ’13 and Prairie Dogs ’21

3/1 Curtis Roach w/ MARCO ’20

3/9 Denzil Porter w/ TBA

4/5 DJ Cqqchifruit and La Spacer

4/13 KAINA w/ victor!

4/19 Camp Cope w/ TBA and the lovely Pictoria Vark ’21

4/26 Franchika w/ Ashlee Bankz

5/3 Girl K w/ Blizzard Babies

*Lineup may be subject to change, stay tuned for more detailed event info!



Grinnell Concerts is funded entirely by Grinnell College Student Government Association (SGA) and run by students. For questions, concerns, or accommodations, please email Cassidy at!


SGA Election Registration Period Has Ended

Thank you to everyone who signed up to run for SGA Senator, President, VPSA, and VPAA. The registration period is now closed. We would like to notify students that they still have the ability to run for President, VPSA, or VPAA if they follow the procedure outlined below.
    1. To become a candidate after the registration deadline, the petitioner must collect the signatures (electronic or physical) of 10 percent of all current students on campus. This semester, that requirement is 155 signatures.


    1. The petitioner must submit these 155 signatures before the voting period opens.


  1. After verification of the 155 signatures, the petitioner is eligible to receive funding from Election Board, to participate in the Executive Candidate Panel, and to have their name and candidate statement on the ballot. 
Good luck to everyone who is running!


Dylan Welch ’19 and Charlotte Love ’19
SGA Administrative Coordinator and Election Board Chair


Green Fund Applications

Hi all,
The application to be a voting member of the Green Fund Committee for this semester is now open! 
Green Fund is an SGA budgetary committee that pilots sustainability projects on campus. As a voting member of the committee, you will be responsible for creating and implementing projects that make student life more sustainable and will be expected to attend weekly meetings from 12-1 on Thursdays in JRC 203. Our meetings are open to anyone who wishes to attend and discuss, but only voting members decide whether we will pass budgets. If you are interested in sustainability or if you have any ideas to make this campus more sustainable, apply to be a part of our committee! 
Applications are due next Friday, February 1st, at 5 pm. Here is the link to the application:
Also, if you have a project idea but do not want to sit on the committee, please email [greenfund] and I can fill you in on the next steps of the process of applying for funding. 
For any questions, please feel free to reach out to me at [greenfund].
Rachel Snodgrass ’21
SGA Green Fund Chair Fall 2018


Organization Fair Jan. 31 Sign-up

Welcome back to campus everyone,
I know a lot of you have begun thinking about publicizing your organizations. This semester the all campus SGA Org Fair will be held on the 31st of January from 11am to 1pm in the JRC 1st and 2nd floor lobbies, feel free to get excited! It is a great opportunity to let people know past and future projects, events and goals your organization has. 
Click here to sign up if you wish to represent an SGA approved organization: 
If you are an organization seeking SGA approval, click here 
Feel free to send additional questions to [services]
Joshua Tibatemwa ’19
Services Coordinator + Student Programming Chair


Getting funding from SGA

Hey Grinnell,
SGA is officially accepting funding applications for all-campus events, community service, and student organizations! Here’s how to apply:
If your funding request covers events and/or items to be used on or before Sunday, February 10th, you can apply through SGA’s Interim Allocation Committee (IAC). Here’s what you need to do:
    1. Download and fill out an Itemized Budget from


    1. Email it to Myles [sgaprez] and Quinn [sgamoney] by Sunday, January 24th, or Sunday, February 3rd, at 5pm. 


  1. Finally, present to the Interim Allocation Committee (IAC) on Sunday, January 24th, or Sunday, February 3rd at 7pm in JRC 209.
After your presentation, the committee will vote on your budget and then you’ll receive an email indicating the amount of funds awarded.
If you would like SGA funding for an all-campus event, community service, a green project, or a student organization after February 10th, you can apply through All-Campus-Events Committee, Services Committee, Green Fund, or Student Programming Committee! Visit the funding page of the SGA website for all the details.
If you have any questions about funding or SGA in general, feel free to let the SGA Treasurers know. You can reach them anytime via email [sgamoney] and [sga2] or by stopping by SGA office hours (which can be found on DB). Please contact [doc] or [sgaprez] if you need accommodations. 
Have a great semester!
Myles Becker & Quinn Ercolani
President & Treasurer

Blood Drive Spring 2019

Each blood donation can save up to three lives, so the more donors we have, the more local lives we can impact!









Blood donation only takes one hour and is a great way to give back to the community!

Follow this link to view the schedule and pick a slot to donate. If you have donated with LifeServe before you just have to log in and you are all set to sign up. If you are a first time donor, worry not! Simply sign up filling in as much information as you can and sign up for a slot. First time donors get a free TShirt too!

Grinnell College
01/24/2019 (11:00 am – 05:00 pm)
1115 8th Avenue
Grinnell College – Joe Rosenfield Center – JRC 101
Grinnell, IA 50112

If you have eligibility questions, please contact our medical team at


Student Initiative Results Fall 2018

 The results for Fall 2018 Student Initiatives are below. If you have any questions, or if you want to help out with a particular initiative[s], please email [stifund]. 
ADA Compliance Door Testing: Passed
Campus Path and Safety Lighting: Passed
New Drink Testing Kits for Aces: Passed
Ensure Academic Buildings are at Comfortable Temperature in Winter: Passed
AC in All Residential and Academic Buildings: Passed
Change Silverware Drop: Failed to Pass
Steel Cut Oatmeal in Dhall Every Morning: Passed
Real Whipped Cream in Dhall: Passed
Standardize Grilled Chicken in Dhall: Passed
Faculty/Staff To-Go Boxes: Passed
Ban Guns in Dhall (effectively banning Police Officers): Failed to Pass
Standardize  Veggie Burgers in Dhall: Passed
Switching Disposable Cups with Your Own Mug at Dhall: Passed
Roll-Over Meal Banking: Passed
Roll-Over Dining Dollars: Passed
Revamp Dining Services: Passed
Meat-Free Mondays at Dhall: Failed to Pass
Separate Bins for Glass Recyclables: Passed
Review Plastic Use on Campus: Passed
Extended Composting beyond Dhall: Passed
Covered Parking with Solar Panels: Passed
Trash Cans in Dorm Bathroom Stalls: Passed
Take Pianos Out of the Dorms: Failed to Pass
Paper Towels in Dorm Bathrooms: Failed to Pass
Hand-Dryers in Dorm Bathrooms: Failed to Pass
Naming Ceramics Studio in honor of Jack Gustafson, ’19: Passed
Endorse the Right of Student Workers to Organize: Passed
Trustees will Eat Majority of Meals in D-Hall: Passed
Social Responsible Investment (Revival): Passed
No Associate Director of Student Activities: Passed
Eliminate the Payment Plan Fee: Passed
Coffee with President Kington: Passed
Lease Bob’s to Saints Rest: Passed
Soft Serve at Grill(e): Passed
Free College-provided Summer Storage: Passed
Grinnell Internship Housing Partnerships: Passed
Free Water at the Grill(e): Passed
Reusable Water Bottles for All: Failed to Pass
Music @ the Grill(e): Failed to Pass
Improved Credit Card Reader at the Grill(e): Passed
Coffee in Burling Library: Passed
Set up a Permanent Badminton Court: Failed to Pass
Make Futura Font Available: Failed to Pass
Adobe Creative Cloud Software Free for Students: Passed


Should the Forum be made accessible, renovated, or demolished?
Made Accessible: 491. Renovated: 241. Demolished 102.
Should Burling be left alone, renovated, or demolished?
Left Alone: 556. Renovated: 241. Demolished: 58.

With Initiative, 
Joseph Robertson ‘19
Stifund Chair [stifund]



All-Campus Events Fall 2018


10/29 – 11/4
11/2 – SHIC Gardner [shic]
11/3 – Halloween Harris[Kaia, Lana, and Erica]
10/31 – Porches and Girlpool
11/3 – Haley Heynderickx
11/2 – Halloweentown
11/3 – Foreign Film Screening
11/4 –  Food Bazaar [iso]
11/5 – 11/11
11/9 Beyonce Harris [cbs]
11/9 – Middle School Gardner
11/10 – Reggaeton [sol]
11/9 LAF [sol]

11/10 – Drag Show [qpoc]
11/12 – 11/18
11/16 – Blackout [acsu]
11/17 – Soccerball Harris [soccer women]
11/13 – Kero Kero Bonito
11/17 – Freaknik pt. TBD [cbs]
11/26 – 12/2
11/30 – Drake Gardner [henderso2]
12/1 – Fetish Harris [tennis women]
12/3 – 12/9
12/7 – Calculus Gardner [math club]
12/8 – Winter Waltz [TBD]


Flu Shot Clinic Oct. 9-10

There is a free flu shot clinic from SHACS today and tomorrow from 10am-3pm in JRC 101.

Check out these flu shot facts and go get yours today or tomorrow! 

1.   If you do get the flu this season, you will be less sick. Getting the flu shot is not a cure-all, but it does reduce your chances of getting the flu by 40-60%. If you do get the flu (and you got the flu shot) you are less likely to get pneumonia or have other complications.

2.   Getting a flu shot is a civic duty. According to the CDC, people who get the flu are contagious for 1 day before showing symptoms and for 7 days after the infection begins.

3.   The flu shot does not cause the flu! The only real side effect for most people is a sore arm. Only 1-2% of people develop a mild fever after getting the flu shot.

SHACS Free flu shot clinic for students. Be there. Bring a friend.

When: This Tuesday and Wednesday 9:00 am – 3:00 pm       

Where: JRC 101


SGA Constitution 2018-2019

Hello Grinnellians!

The updated SGA Constitution for the 2019-2019 school year can be found here. 


SGA Announcement Archive