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Student Group Funding Timeline

INTERIM ALLOCATIONS COMMITTEE: Jan 26, Feb 2, & Feb 9 at 2pm in HSSC N1112

  • This is where event hosts and student orgs should bring budgets for events and programming happening before March 1, which brings us to…

UNITED FUNDING COMMITTEE: Feb 4 at 7-9pm, Feb 8 at 2-4pm, and Feb 12 at 7-9pm in HSSC N1112

  • If you are a student hoping to host an all-campus event or a student org (unlimited funding)/ student club (up to $150), this is where you should bring budgets for the entire semester!
  • Budgets will be due to [ace], [services], [sgamoney], and [sga2] on Jan 31
  • Sign up for one half-hour time slot to present your budget here:

Student Organization Application HERE ; the deadline for applications has been extended to January 31. So long as you submit an application through this form, AND submit a budget to the Unified Funding Committee, you will be considered for funding for the upcoming semester as an organization!

Reminder that SGA is reforming the current student group system to include two designations: student organizations and student clubs. Please see the attached handbook to decide which designation is most appropriate for your group. If you want your group to remain a club, no action is required. Please familiarize yourself with what this status will mean moving forward (in the handbook), because it has changed.

You may apply for organization status at any time, but after January 31 your status is unlikely to be approved quickly enough to allow you to attend the Unified Funding Committee, which assigns the bulk of SGA funds.

Clubs will still be approved by the Services Coordinator, and the application on GrinnellShare remains available. In the long run, we will be re-developing the GrinnellShare form to allow both clubs and organizations to apply through the same form.

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