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Student Initiative Results Fall 2018

 The results for Fall 2018 Student Initiatives are below. If you have any questions, or if you want to help out with a particular initiative[s], please email [stifund]. 
ADA Compliance Door Testing: Passed
Campus Path and Safety Lighting: Passed
New Drink Testing Kits for Aces: Passed
Ensure Academic Buildings are at Comfortable Temperature in Winter: Passed
AC in All Residential and Academic Buildings: Passed
Change Silverware Drop: Failed to Pass
Steel Cut Oatmeal in Dhall Every Morning: Passed
Real Whipped Cream in Dhall: Passed
Standardize Grilled Chicken in Dhall: Passed
Faculty/Staff To-Go Boxes: Passed
Ban Guns in Dhall (effectively banning Police Officers): Failed to Pass
Standardize  Veggie Burgers in Dhall: Passed
Switching Disposable Cups with Your Own Mug at Dhall: Passed
Roll-Over Meal Banking: Passed
Roll-Over Dining Dollars: Passed
Revamp Dining Services: Passed
Meat-Free Mondays at Dhall: Failed to Pass
Separate Bins for Glass Recyclables: Passed
Review Plastic Use on Campus: Passed
Extended Composting beyond Dhall: Passed
Covered Parking with Solar Panels: Passed
Trash Cans in Dorm Bathroom Stalls: Passed
Take Pianos Out of the Dorms: Failed to Pass
Paper Towels in Dorm Bathrooms: Failed to Pass
Hand-Dryers in Dorm Bathrooms: Failed to Pass
Naming Ceramics Studio in honor of Jack Gustafson, ’19: Passed
Endorse the Right of Student Workers to Organize: Passed
Trustees will Eat Majority of Meals in D-Hall: Passed
Social Responsible Investment (Revival): Passed
No Associate Director of Student Activities: Passed
Eliminate the Payment Plan Fee: Passed
Coffee with President Kington: Passed
Lease Bob’s to Saints Rest: Passed
Soft Serve at Grill(e): Passed
Free College-provided Summer Storage: Passed
Grinnell Internship Housing Partnerships: Passed
Free Water at the Grill(e): Passed
Reusable Water Bottles for All: Failed to Pass
Music @ the Grill(e): Failed to Pass
Improved Credit Card Reader at the Grill(e): Passed
Coffee in Burling Library: Passed
Set up a Permanent Badminton Court: Failed to Pass
Make Futura Font Available: Failed to Pass
Adobe Creative Cloud Software Free for Students: Passed

Should the Forum be made accessible, renovated, or demolished?
Made Accessible: 491. Renovated: 241. Demolished 102.
Should Burling be left alone, renovated, or demolished?
Left Alone: 556. Renovated: 241. Demolished: 58.

With Initiative, 
Joseph Robertson ‘19
Stifund Chair [stifund]

All-Campus Events Fall 2018

10/29 – 11/4
11/2 – SHIC Gardner [shic]
11/3 – Halloween Harris[Kaia, Lana, and Erica]
10/31 – Porches and Girlpool
11/3 – Haley Heynderickx
11/2 – Halloweentown
11/3 – Foreign Film Screening
11/4 –  Food Bazaar [iso]
11/5 – 11/11
11/9 Beyonce Harris [cbs]
11/9 – Middle School Gardner
11/10 – Reggaeton [sol]
11/9 LAF [sol]

11/10 – Drag Show [qpoc]
11/12 – 11/18
11/16 – Blackout [acsu]
11/17 – Soccerball Harris [soccer women]
11/13 – Kero Kero Bonito
11/17 – Freaknik pt. TBD [cbs]
11/26 – 12/2
11/30 – Drake Gardner [henderso2]
12/1 – Fetish Harris [tennis women]
12/3 – 12/9
12/7 – Calculus Gardner [math club]
12/8 – Winter Waltz [TBD]

Flu Shot Clinic Oct. 9-10

There is a free flu shot clinic from SHACS today and tomorrow from 10am-3pm in JRC 101.

Check out these flu shot facts and go get yours today or tomorrow! 

1.   If you do get the flu this season, you will be less sick. Getting the flu shot is not a cure-all, but it does reduce your chances of getting the flu by 40-60%. If you do get the flu (and you got the flu shot) you are less likely to get pneumonia or have other complications.

2.   Getting a flu shot is a civic duty. According to the CDC, people who get the flu are contagious for 1 day before showing symptoms and for 7 days after the infection begins.

3.   The flu shot does not cause the flu! The only real side effect for most people is a sore arm. Only 1-2% of people develop a mild fever after getting the flu shot.

SHACS Free flu shot clinic for students. Be there. Bring a friend.

When: This Tuesday and Wednesday 9:00 am – 3:00 pm       

Where: JRC 101

SGA Constitution 2018-2019

Hello Grinnellians!

The updated SGA Constitution for the 2019-2019 school year can be found here. 

SGA Announcement Archive