Student Environmental Committee (SEC)


Mondays | 8pm-9pm | JRC 209

Mission: SEC works to identify and implement sustainable practices on campus while increasing the awareness of these issues throughout the student body. Furthermore, we aim to increase the involvement of students in environmental issues and justice while targeting institutional objectives (academic, governance, etc.) that could benefit from sustainable focus.

Work on student outreach for their engagement and awareness of sustainability efforts, student initiatives working on implementing more sustainable practices in different areas on campus (dorms, academic buildings, dining), maintain past initiatives (like composting) to ensure their success.

SEC is open to all students.

Services and Resources Committee (SRC)


Wednesdays | 8pm-9pm | JRC 222

Mission: The Services and Resources Committee (SRC) seeks to provide students with opportunities for meaningful community engagement in the wider Grinnell area. The Committee also works to ensure that student resources are available, accessible, and transparent.

Students/student groups interested in requesting funding for a service project should come to SRC before requesting funding from the Financial Board (UFC). We will review your idea to ensure that it (a) doesn’t duplicate existing efforts, (b) is inclusive and equitable, and (c) is cognizant of power dynamics between the College and community and is community driven.

Students wanting to get involved in existing service initiatives can get information about projects that align with their interests.

Student Council on Curriculum (SCC)


Nov 5th at 4pm, Nov 18th at 5pm, Dec 3rd at 4pm, tentative December 16th at 5pm (probably study break format) | HSSC S3325

Mission: this year, we’re working on making the College bias & title IX reporting process more accessible to students, giving SEPCs more support and resources, and increasing student input in faculty reviews. 

Senators may be asked to review resources and write short reports on how college systems work, publicize and assist with SEPC projects, and bring information from SCC back to Senate.

Formal mandate is in the constitution. SCC is the largest SGA committee, focused on academic issues and SEPC support. It consists of representatives from all 38 SEPCs, the VPAA, the four SEPC coordinators, and two senators. SCC is open to all students.

Elections Board 

The Committee shall administer all campus-wide SGA elections, referendums, votes and initiatives and make specific rules concerning election procedures. It will also certify all winning candidates in accordance with the By-Laws. 

The Committee shall be responsible for advertising all elections and running any related activities promoting an SGA election, such as Open Forums featuring the candidates for President and Vice-Presidents. 

The Election Board shall publicize a statement encouraging voter participation and publicizing in full the rules concerning election procedures via all-campus email at least five calendar days prior to the first round of each election. 

Outreach Committee


Tuesdays | 7:30pm | JRC 222 (The SGA Offices)

Mission: The Outreach Committee seeks to engage students in informing the greater student body of SGA and it’s activities in varied, equitable, and accessible ways. 

The Outreach Committee is open to all students and will be working toward the regular publishing of an SGA Newsletter, the creation and facilitation of semi-regular town halls and other outreach-oriented events, and increasing overall communication between the student body at-large and SGA through outreach. The Outreach Committee will also be reformatted in order to be able to best support the new position of Outreach Coordinator. 

At least two senators are needed; preference for people with web design experience.

Student Programming Committee (SPC)

[sgastudentgroups] and [ace]

Tuesday | 8pm-9pm | JRC 209

Mission: the Student Programming Committee will heavily lead the programming efforts of Student Groups and other SGA events. Members will be equipped with knowledge about the internal processes that are programming related (e.g. budget submission and approval, COVID-19 guidelines compliance for events), and projects may consist of reviewing and formalizing the Student Groups Handbook, assisting Student Groups regularly, putting the Org Fair up and a Leadership Training Retreat. The Committee shall also approve the time, date, and location of all campus events to propose adjustments when appropriate.

The Committee consists of the Student Groups Coordinator and the All Campus Events Chair, at least 2 senators, and students-at-large. All meetings are open meetings unless requested by a member, and approved by two thirds of the group. 

Financial Board


Mondays | 7-9pm | JRC 222

Mission: The Financial Board votes on budgets submitted to SGA that are less than $1000. While this is primarily handled by cabinet members, Senators and students at large are encouraged to get involved in the processes to increase transparency and accountability. Financial board also discusses structural reforms to the Treasurer’s Office policies and processes.

The Financial Board is chaired by the SGA Treasurer and is composed of the Treasurer, All-Campus Events Chair, Resources and Services Coordinator, Student Groups Coordinator, Assistant Treasurer, Senators, and students at-large. Financial Board meetings are two hours—the first hour will be spent reviewing Student Groups/Services budgets budget proposals, and the second hour will be spent reviewing All-Campus Events budgets. We discuss larger reforms and policy on a ‘as needed’ basis. 

Two senators needed.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Committee


Thursdays | 6 – 7:30 p.m. | JRC 225

Our mission is to make DEI work foundational rather than an afterthought. We will examine all aspects of campus life, see where DEI work has been forgotten, and do what is necessary. We believe that anti-Blackness is pervasive in all things, and our job is not to coddle its agents. Our work does require thought below our necks in addition to critical thought in our minds. We will work closely with Grinnell College’s chapter of Cops Off Campus and Concerned Black Students. We will regularly check in with MLC student groups and work on the creation of an MLC newsletter. Together we will finalize the diversity plan for Student Senate. The committee will consist of the chairperson, at least 3 senators and students-at-large. Committee members are expected to assist the chair in ways that are useful. 

Reform Committee


Day: TBD | Time: TBD | Place: JRC 222

Mission: the committee shall be responsible for reviewing proposed by-laws and constitutional amendments and shall offer any necessary amendments or changes to the proposed by-law author and/or sponsor(s). The purpose of this committee is to facilitate discussion concerning by-laws and to review, in an efficient manner, proposed by-laws by offering a discussion setting open to all members of campus. 

Reform Committee’s most urgent priority is to update the SGA Constitution to be in accordance with recent bylaw changes to SGA committees and cabinet member roles and responsibilities. 

Two senators needed. Reform committee is normally open to all students except for special closed sessions.

Campus Safety & Security Committee 


Day: TBD | Time: TBD | Place: TBD

Mission: The Committee shall serve as a conduit of information between the Office of Campus Safety and the student body, as well as a forum for student grievances related to the Office of Campus Safety and Security. The committee shall consist of the SGA Vice President of Student Affairs, at least two Senators, students-at-large, at least one RLC, the head of the Office of Campus Safety and Security, and one to two members of faculty/staff.

Meets irregularly; lower time-commitment.
Two senators needed

Student Initiatives Fund


Day: TBD | Time: TBD | Place: TBD

Members of the Student Initiatives Committee shall serve as liaisons between SGA, faculty members, the College administration, and initiative authors. Committee members shall act as representatives of SGA, regularly consult with all parties involved, and shall report back to the committee in a prompt manner. 

The Committee shall disseminate to the student body a status update on initiatives which have been passed at least once a semester through student social media, Campus Council, or other suitable venues.

The Student Initiatives Committee shall assist Election Board with reviewing submitted initiatives and with logistical aspects of the election. 

Two senators needed.