Congratulations to our newly elected Senators for Fall 2014!

They were featured in the Scarlet and Black this week, so check out their lovely faces. (Not pictured: Jamaland Senator Mikayla Findlay)


Miss President Awe’s State of the College Address/Discussion? 

Check out the slideshow from her presentation to see what SGA Cabinet’s goals are for the coming semester and year.

State of the College, Fall 14

Read the Scarlet and Black’s coverage of the talk.


Looking for Office Hours? They can all be found on DB using the SGA dropdown menu—but here they are as well.

President Opeyemi Awe ’15 sgaprez@grinnell.edu

Tues and Thurs 1:05-2:05 GRILL, Sun 4-6pm

Vice President for Academic Affairs Gwenna Ihrie ’15 vpaa1@grinnell.edu

Mon 8-9pm, Tues 6-7pm GRILL, Thurs 6-7pm. Fri 4-5pm

Vice President for Student Affairs Iulia Iordache ’15 vpsa@grinnell.edu

Mon 10am-12pm GRILL, Wed 4-6pm GRILL

Treasurer Gargi Magar ’16 sgamoney@grinnell.edu

Sun 4-6pm, Mon 8-9pm, Tues 1-2pm, Thurs 5-6pm

Assistant Treasurer Ham Serunjogi ’16 sga2@grinnell.edu

Sun 4-6pm, Mon 8-9pm, Tues 1-2pm, Thurs 5-6pm

Administrative Coordinator Fall ’14 – Emma Lange ’16 (Spring ’15 – Misha Rindisbacher ’16) sga1@grinnell.edu

Mon 11am-12pm, 1pm-2pm, Tues 6-7pm GRILL, Thurs 6-7pm

Co All-Campus Events (ACE) Coordinators Abby Goreham ’15 and Ryan Hautzinger ’15 ace@grinnell.edu

Abby’s: Mon 7-8pm, Tues 7-9pm, Wed 7-8pm GRILL

Ryan’s: Mon 11am-12pm, Tues 10-11am GRILL and 8-9pm, Thurs 10-11am

Student Services Coordinator Elaine Fang ’15 services@grinnell.edu

Sun 8-9pm GRILL, Mon 7-8pm GRILL, Tues 7-8pm GRILL, Wed 6-7pm GRILL

Concerts Chair Violeta Espigares Ruiz ’15 concerts@grinnell.edu

Mon 11am-12pm GRILL, Wed 11:15am-12:15pm GRILL, Thursday 4:15-6:15pm Offices

Diversity and Outreach Coordinator Jacky Brooks ’15 doc@grinnell.edu

Mon 11am-12pm, Tues 7pm-9pm GRILL, Thur 4-5pm






SGA will represent, serve and engage the student body in an accountable and open manner. By taking proactive measures and seeking substantive results, we aim to improve the Grinnell experience for current and future students.